PCA Site again

  Lionheart ♥ 17:22 17 Oct 2003

Has the site changed again, helproom topics running down left-hand side when you view a post.

  Chegs ® 17:27 17 Oct 2003

Yeah,I'm getting two different types of page layout between main helproom,new window thread.The posting is narrower in thread by a huge amount.

I have main page refreshes every min,and a thread opened just to watch the various widths appear/disappear. :-)

  Sir Radfordin 17:35 17 Oct 2003

On my screen once you are looking at a thread the content of it takes up no more than 1/4 of the width. Not very easy on the eyes.

  Proxy Worm 17:41 17 Oct 2003

yeh...they have changed it ..the topics are running down the left hand side...looks goood

  Tim1964 17:42 17 Oct 2003

Is this something to do with screen resolution? all the other sites are OK.

  pj123 17:44 17 Oct 2003

Yep, agree. All I have is a little bit in the middle with the thread and a left hand column with helproom topics and a right hand column with a PC Advisor Poll Plus Ads.

  Chegs ® 17:44 17 Oct 2003

"Do not adjust your screens,you are now entering The Twilight Zone" will never have the same effect now. :-)

  powerless 17:48 17 Oct 2003

Fugly ugly IMHO.

Too squsihed and squashed.

  Lionheart ♥ 18:03 17 Oct 2003

Squsihed and squashed sums it up nicely :)

  Lionheart ♥ 18:08 17 Oct 2003

Thanks all for replying.

  Southernboy 18:08 17 Oct 2003

so SMALL? I can hardly read it!

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