PCA Server errors

  Forum Editor 18:12 20 Jul 2005

As many of you will know, we've been seeing quite a few CF error messages of late.

This problem seems to be related to the work we've been doing behind the scenes to speed page loading. I think we're seeing the site run faster now, but there are those errors...........

Tracking down the cause(es) is far from straightforward, we're into fairly deep waters here, and it will help the backroom staff enormously if you can work with us to resolve things. We're doing a code sweep, and checking the database statements, and we'll try to write a routine which 'catches' the errors as they're generated, so we can see exactly what happened, where it happened, and when. What we want to know from you is precisely what you were trying to do when the error is generated - by that I mean which forum area you were using, and whether you were posting to a thread, clicking a post to read it, or moving from place to place - you get the idea.

Please don't fill up this thread with general chat about the problems - stick to simple reports along the lines I mentioned if you would. We're determined to get to the bottom of all this, but at the moment we're short on data.

Many thanks - I'll post this in Speakers Corner too.

  goffer23 18:32 20 Jul 2005

Using helproom forum between 10.00-11.00 20/7/05 -intermittently whilst logging on, and accessing particular threads brought up error page.

  compumac 18:51 20 Jul 2005

HelpRoom forum around 16:00 today Tried to open a thread and "page not available" this happened on three threads. Did a F5 and all OK

  howard60 18:54 20 Jul 2005

about 5.45 tried to post a reply in helproom, got error page, went back and it worked second time.

  stalion 18:58 20 Jul 2005

having no problems here at this time 18.55pm

  octal 19:08 20 Jul 2005

I had an unusual one last night 19/07/05 trying to get into HelpRoom on about four occasions. One of the occasions I managed to get a screen shot click here all I was getting was a blank page with a little < in the top left hand corner, the time as you see by the clock was 21:42 UK time. This also happened refreshing a page as well.

  dan11 19:15 20 Jul 2005

Error at 17.10. Screeshot click here

  pj123 19:20 20 Jul 2005

Mine seems to be, although I have ticked "Remember my details" it doesn't. I have to enter them every time I log in.

  stalion 19:30 20 Jul 2005

Helproom looking through the postings got to page four and this error, tried to access page five four times same error ( Error Executing Database Query.)19.26pm

  €dstowe 20:02 20 Jul 2005

The errors I commented about previously happened mostly early morning. I would click on two posts OK but if I made a response to one, the site would sieze up. This same thing happened every day for about five days.

  pj123 20:07 20 Jul 2005

Have now logged out and back in at least 5 times and every time I have to re-enter my details even though I tick "Remember my details".

I do have cookies enabled.

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