PCA Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Video Advert

  spuds 19:23 14 Oct 2011

Not sure if this is effecting anyone else, but since this evening, the video Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 advertisement as been self activating, switching itself on every few minutes, with speech breaking into my loudspeaker system. Is there a way of stopping this, I do not seem to find a way to do so, other than the pause control?.

XP with Google Chrome.

  spuds 19:33 14 Oct 2011

Been experimenting with Firefox and IE6/7. No problems there, so it looks like Google Chrome. I could be wrong though?.

  spuds 19:34 14 Oct 2011

Spoke to soon, its with Firefox now. Looks like television them!.

  Woolwell 19:54 14 Oct 2011

It's a banner ad. Normally Kaspersky blocks it and I was totally unaware of the ad. Taking the anti-banner block resulted in sound for the ad over the top of everything else and i have it too. Very annoying and I suggest a faulty ad which PCA had better sort out pdq.

  Woolwell 19:55 14 Oct 2011

Taking off the ad-banner block. Missing off.

  compumac 20:19 14 Oct 2011

Very irritating, it only stated this evening. It is enough to make you not bother to visit this forum

  compumac 22:05 14 Oct 2011

I believe that the postings and the responses on this website have deteriorated over the past months and a continuous sound interruption like this does not help to retain the contributors!

  Woolwell 22:07 14 Oct 2011

compumac - I agree.

  spuds 22:48 14 Oct 2011

Just returned, and the advert is still switching itself on, with the speech breaking into the headphone/loudspeaker system. Just doesn't seem a way to stop it at present?.

  QuizMan 07:55 15 Oct 2011

I have IE9 and can find no way to shut it up apart from hitting the pause button, but that only works on the current screen.

I am trying to listen to music while reading a few PCA pages and the interruption is most annoying.

  spuds 10:01 15 Oct 2011

Its still there today, so it may well be Monday before the problem is looked into?.

Will green tick this!.

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