PCA, Registered users count?

  recap 13:21 07 Nov 2003

Just been thinking about the number of registered users here. Would it be possible to have a number count of how many are actually logged in at any one time?


Registered Users: 122,013 logged in 42,473

It's not an important issue but one that may be of interest to other users.

  [DELETED] 14:09 07 Nov 2003

Hi recap, not sure if it would help in any way. I don't mind if there are 200,000 registered members or 200! Just as long as people like yourself and all the other regulars keep coming to to the site to help and give advice.

It's good to see all the familiar names posting and replying to threads. Also to see the new names appear, asking for and receiving solutions to their problems.

I would think people log in and out many times each day, [Some, like myself stay logged in all day]. So the counter would be going up and down like crazy :o)

Regards. j.

  [DELETED] 14:27 07 Nov 2003

recap as usually less than 2% of registered users respond to the PCA Poll, even though each poll remains open for days (and sometimes weeks), I would guess that very few of the 122,017 'registered users' are in fact 'regular users' and therefore it could be an embarrassment to reveal such statistics.

I agree with the sentiments of Djohn.

  recap 14:27 07 Nov 2003

Hi Djohn, I agree with you on your point "the counter would be going up and down like crazy ". It would be just a generalisation of the logged in users. Maybe updated every half hour or so would be an option.

I try to log in and answer queries every day, but of late work commitments hinder this activity some what.

  [DELETED] 14:30 07 Nov 2003

"late work commitments".....well get up earlier...

  recap 14:55 07 Nov 2003

Wes Tam ;-), I agree that when a questionaire is sent out you would be lucky to get a 10% response. But any response is better than none at all.

Hi Chris, 7 o'clock is early enough for me these days. Had enough of getting up at 3 am, done that at times for 24 years.

  [DELETED] 15:01 07 Nov 2003

With regard to the PCA poll sometimes it is not possible to reply. Take the current poll re buying a notebook PC. The five options quoted do not include the one which I would vote for - which is -
"Notebooks are still too expensive and buying should be held back until the prices fall further". That is my opinion and it isn't there as an optioon to vote for. Hence votes in slanted polls have no relevance whatsoever.

  [DELETED] 15:05 07 Nov 2003

s`funny, I thought forum commitments hindered work!

I`d agree with Djohn about a counter but what about some indication in a posting about the status of the poster or respondants?

Probably far to difficult/costly to arrange but as I`m typing this at 15.01 I would be interested to know who above is still online and likely to read it straight away, perhaps by highlighted or underlined names?

What do you think?


  [DELETED] 16:27 07 Nov 2003

Nah please dont go there Cos I could see the number now 24,462 & an old forgetful un logged in...

  woodchip 16:36 07 Nov 2003

I am hear

  [DELETED] 17:06 07 Nov 2003

It would be fairly meaningless as there are no doubt people like me who log into the site, stay logged in till they go back to bed but don't spend all those hours watching for someone else to make a new post.

The stats wouldn't actually indicate anything. I'm fairly sure there is at least 2 people logged in all the time!

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