PCA, Registered users count?

  recap 13:21 07 Nov 2003

Just been thinking about the number of registered users here. Would it be possible to have a number count of how many are actually logged in at any one time?


Registered Users: 122,013 logged in 42,473

It's not an important issue but one that may be of interest to other users.

  recap 14:27 07 Nov 2003

Hi Djohn, I agree with you on your point "the counter would be going up and down like crazy ". It would be just a generalisation of the logged in users. Maybe updated every half hour or so would be an option.

I try to log in and answer queries every day, but of late work commitments hinder this activity some what.

  recap 14:55 07 Nov 2003

Wes Tam ;-), I agree that when a questionaire is sent out you would be lucky to get a 10% response. But any response is better than none at all.

Hi Chris, 7 o'clock is early enough for me these days. Had enough of getting up at 3 am, done that at times for 24 years.

  woodchip 16:36 07 Nov 2003

I am hear

  S5W 18:58 07 Nov 2003

Would showing the number logged in help to resolve contributors' problems. No. So no point in doing it, just more complication.

  powerless 21:25 07 Nov 2003

IMHO if the FE sees another thread like this, he is A) going to provide a REPETITIVE response or b) Give up.

  LANDCRUISER 23:22 07 Nov 2003

well being quiet new to the site about six months now i find the comments & help quiet amusing it like being in freindly club,people having the same interest as each other THE COMPUTER & trying to help each other is great,keep up the good work by the way i try to get on here as often as i can so allthough i might not post many threads i like to look at other people problems. allthough i do not have enough experience to help them yet the day might come, thanks to all the people trying to help other. great site

  recap 14:19 08 Nov 2003

Thanks all for your response, wide and informative replies to my original post.

As spikeychris said it is only numbers I was asking for.

And rev.bem's reply "I personally like the anonymous aspect of this forum". That is one of the great things of this forum, you don't know the person personally, but can class them as a friend even though they are only a cyber friend.

VoG posting, "I would be interested to know the number of users who log on each day" Is the type of count what I was meaning.


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