PCA poll

  ACOLYTE 20:31 13 Dec 2004

Is this for real notebooks damage sperm counts?,lol where was this 14 years ago when i had kids lol,seriosly though what a poll and only 4 vote options may need more,lol.
click here
Must be a real deal lol.

  ACOLYTE 20:32 13 Dec 2004

gonna close this was only a laugh,unles you use a laptop of course.

  Gongoozler 20:36 13 Dec 2004

At 62 years old, I wouldn't be too worried even if I had a laptop ;-)

  lucky1 20:39 13 Dec 2004

You get a lot more damage standing over a steaming kettle!!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:54 13 Dec 2004

I use my lappy on my lap most of the time. Looks as if the family silver must have turned to EPNS and consequently I am the last of the line. :-(((((


  Dorsai 20:59 13 Dec 2004

It is true.

The testicles are kept *outside* of the body as they work best (IE make more fully working sperm) at a temp lower than normal body temp. Look at warm blooded animals. Almost all have the testies in a bag out side of the body cavity (sea mammels such as whales, are the most notable exception, but i dont know where they keep their gonads).

Those that keep the testies inside (this includes several spicies of mouse) tend to drop them out during the breeding season. Considering how important the testies are regarding successful reproduction, it would seem that they would best be kept inside, out of harms way. But they are not. The only reason this would be would be to keep them cool. If they needed to be kept warm, they would be inside, and if temp did not matter they would also be in side, out of harms way.

The only reason to keep them outside (where they get damaged easily) is to keep them cool.

And a laptop used on the lap, will warm the testies. How great the effect on fertility is is another matter.

  ACOLYTE 21:01 13 Dec 2004

Hmmmm, more detail than needed lol but interesting none the less,i could explain exeptions to the rule but i wont,lol.

  Senile Syd 21:11 13 Dec 2004

... I'm 75.

  Valvegrid 21:14 13 Dec 2004

Information overload imminent!

  john-232317 21:36 13 Dec 2004

Not applicable to the Eskimos though ;-))

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