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  Woolwell 15:31 17 Jan 2012

I've just move to W7 and loaded up Chrome, Firefox, etc. But my snag is with IE9 and the PCA site. Every time I visit I get a popup asking if I want to pin PCA to my taskbar. I don't want to do that. I click the x but next time I get this prompt again. How do you stop it? I don't get this with other sites

  TonyV 15:42 17 Jan 2012


In IE9, go to Tools and Block Pop-ups. It has stopped it on mine!!


  TonyV 15:44 17 Jan 2012


In fact it is called Pop-up Blocker!


  Woolwell 15:47 17 Jan 2012

I have that set to medium block already.

  Woolwell 15:49 17 Jan 2012

Tried it at high setting and still PCA asks if I want to pin the site.

  TonyV 16:17 17 Jan 2012


I think it's playing silly B's. I changed mine to Switch The Pop-up Blocker and it, too, was on high. It stopped it coming up. I went out of it and then came back again, the Pop-up came back. I have just tried it again, go out, come back and it has not come up this time!!

The vagaries of modern technology!!


  Woolwell 16:22 17 Jan 2012

There must be a way to stop this feature from PCA.

  Woolwell 19:50 17 Jan 2012

I've pinned PCA to the task bar, I've unpinned it but still the large "try this" thing appears across the top of the site in IE9. I usually use the other browsers so this isn't major but nevertheless mighty irritating.

  birdface 20:07 17 Jan 2012

I had the same problem about 6 months ago and Got help on here on how to remove it.

Must be an age thing as I have forgotten how I did it.

Maybe try View.Web page privacy policy and see if it is allowed on that and stop it from running.It was somewhere on the toolbar but not just sure where.

  birdface 20:11 17 Jan 2012

It may have been just ticking compatibility mode but not sure.

Or maybe in private filtering.

  Woolwell 20:59 17 Jan 2012

Compatibility mode - thank you.

Does that mean that PCA is not compatible with IE9?

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