PCA 'PC Healthcheck Toolkit': Start Up Now Slower!

  ronroam 01:17 28 Nov 2004

I've just tweeked my pc's system using WIN SPEEDUP and now it takes twice as long for the desktop to appear. I remember being asked to make a backup of the system settings before applying the tweeks. Can anyone tell me how to locate this copy as the Help instructions don't specify.
I also tried using IDIGICON ACCELERATOR but it threw up a notice: 'Optimisation failed due to internal WMI error'.
I've Win98se and yes, you've guessed it - I'm a novice.
Any help gratefully received.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:47 28 Nov 2004

Can you use system restore to before you loaded the prog....assuming that you are on XP?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:52 28 Nov 2004

'I've Win98se'...forget my previous, gormless reply. click here will help. Run the prog again and see if there is an options button in Winspeedup and then see if there is a tools file that will show you where the backup is.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 02:00 28 Nov 2004

The provided Backups can be restored with the integrated SettingFreeze.

Click in addition in WinSpeedUp on "menu" - > "SettingFreeze..." and you receive a listing of all Backups. With one click on "restoring" the selected Backup one restores.

The translation is dire but I'm sure you will get the gist.


  hugh-265156 02:00 28 Nov 2004

most of these so called 'speed up' programs just cause you more problems and i would tend to leave most of them alone.

click here says 'restore a backup by clicking on "Menu", "SettingFreeze" in the main window of WinSpeedUp' use add remove programs to uninstall it.

my favorites, that have never gave me any problems are:

cleanup click here (use on standard settings and click 'cleanup' then restart)

ccleaner click here (delete anything it finds)

adaware click here (update it after install and delete all it finds)

spybot search and destroy click here (as adaware)

spywareblaster click here (makes adaware ans spybots job easier, update it and click 'enable all protection)

if you want to try a registry cleaner try regseeker click here (click 'clean the registry' tick all boxes and click ok)

  hugh-265156 02:02 28 Nov 2004

sorry GANDALF <|:-)> was too slow

  ronroam 06:04 28 Nov 2004

Thanks for the guidance Gandalf; I've restored the original settings unfortunately the screen still 'hangs' before desktop appears.

I think Huggy is right,these programmes are more trouble than they're worth.

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