Pca Netvibes

  birdface 15:25 21 Jun 2007

Hi ,I must have been asleep for a while,But never noticed the Netvibes folder in PCA before,Just making sure it is a proper Pca program before opening it,Has it always been there or is it something new.

  birdface 16:01 21 Jun 2007

Hmm,Just above Helproom, Off a different thread, click here is it something that Pc Advisor wants us to use ,Is it advertising,Or is it a fun program,Someone let me know, Confused.

  wee eddie 16:10 21 Jun 2007

It seems to be a sort of "Favourites"

In other words.

All the things you thought were interesting and now can't quite remember why!

  birdface 16:20 21 Jun 2007

Hi thanks for that.Because it had suddenly appeared I thought maybe it was some sort of virus so did not want to open it,Maybe PCA had already warned us to expect a new program and I had not seen it,Anyhow I will wait untill others try it first just to be on the safe side,

  Technotiger 16:42 21 Jun 2007
  birdface 16:48 21 Jun 2007

Hi, Thanks for the info.At least I know that it is a genuine program I will have a good look at it at a later time.

  spuds 17:51 21 Jun 2007

Glad I noticed this post. As anyone from PCA mentioned

  spuds 17:52 21 Jun 2007

Glad I noticed this post. As anyone from PCA mentioned this addition?.

  birdface 18:56 21 Jun 2007

I have not seen any mention of it.But then again I may have missed it,It was a bit unexpected so thought that I may have picked up a nastie,But all's well that ends well.

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