PCA moving to the right?

  graham√ 16:38 18 May 2003

No sooner do the green underlines start again (there's a lot of Sun) than i've moved to the right again, and refresh won't correct it!

  spikeychris 16:52 18 May 2003

Didn't know you where a labour politician Graham..

  leo49 16:55 18 May 2003

Never seen these mythical green lines,but I do get the odd lurch to the Right.A quick rub-down wth 'The Socialist Worker' is a sure fire cure.

  graham√ 16:56 18 May 2003

Sorry, can't read the last bit.:-)

  cracker²³ 17:06 18 May 2003

Yep, just happened to me too. Not seen a green line yet!!

  Lú-tzé 17:15 18 May 2003

I've never seen a "green line" [maybe thanks to using Mozilla] but I do have grey gap of about one a a half inches between the end of the line where the date / time is printed, and where the links to recent threads are to the very right of the screen. It is only there in Mozilla, never in IE 5.01 or IE 6.

  livewire 17:22 18 May 2003

no line in opera- the best browser on earth

  Forum Editor 17:27 18 May 2003

on a page - one instance of each word underlined that is - which is why 'Sun' is only picked up once on this page.

There's a red line too - it's in front of politics, so don't cross it.

  otubby1 17:56 18 May 2003

Is that line green??

No wonder I've been wondering what so many have been talking about over the lsat few days... it's black on my monitor!

Maybe the eyes are going with age :)

  livewire 17:58 18 May 2003

Green Line?

  geoff47 23:26 18 May 2003

How are the green lines picked?
It seems like they are like a search engine throwing up anything that might be assocciated with PCA's sponsors/paymasters...such as when sun as in Sunday is linked to Sun systems(or similar)

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