PCA member pictures

  spikeychris 17:35 30 Apr 2004

For quite a while now I have been compiling a PCA member photo list, this is independent from PCA and you are free to send your picture to have it uploaded to the site. There is a Non PC forum, which is also on the page; this is not for PC related issues, PCA copes with all that, its more…well… none PC . Fell free to join that also. The website address is click here use the “mail me with your picture” link to send the pic, add a few lines about yourself and your PCA nickname as I won’t know who you are.

If you double click a few of the images the picture that appears is too big, that’s because I had a tweak and reset a lot of the defaults..I shall fix this latter.

As with all these threads, PCA have sanctioned it and the FE will close the thread Monday evening.


  powerless 18:55 30 Apr 2004

Say "I want a pickle".

  Sir Radfordin 19:19 30 Apr 2004

Ah the joys of the bank holiday weekend!

  anchor 19:49 30 Apr 2004

Oh dear Chris!.

So many of the pictures now look very distorted. Some thin and narrow, other like mine have got rather fat!.

I appreciate that you want some uniformity of size and proportion, but why not specify dimensions and/or pixel size of the picture to be submitted.

  spikeychris 19:56 30 Apr 2004

anchor, its OK I will use a backup tomorrow to go back...thought I was doing the right thing but just made it worse as I went along. It will look beautiful again....*cough*

  Bingalau 20:08 30 Apr 2004

Hope you haven't "distorted" Purple Penny ?

  hooligan 21:04 30 Apr 2004

Garden advice and cooking tips, i hear there real good

  VoG II 22:49 30 Apr 2004


  Sir Radfordin 23:20 30 Apr 2004

Not so hard with the bumps there VoG™ computers are supposed to be a non-contact sport :)

  YAN003 23:20 30 Apr 2004

Question.....how has Big_Elf,s picture become so distorted...or does he look like that?

soz BE!

  Big Elf 23:37 30 Apr 2004

No, I am more gorgeous in real life, difficult to believe I know, but it's true.

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