PCA Mag.

  ste_bla 03:27 16 May 2004

I love the PCA magazine and was thinkng for going for a subscripition as you save loads however has anyone had any problems with delivery/canceling etc?

  one23 05:53 16 May 2004

No problems at all.Always arrives in good condition and on time.I will be renewing my subscription shortly.

  krypt1c 06:03 16 May 2004

Never had any probs with my subscription - except that, as with most magazines - the month / year doesn't match the real world. It's only May, but the current issues is for July.

  ste_bla 06:18 16 May 2004

who delivers it?

*crosses fingers* not royal mail pliz *prays*

  one23 06:47 16 May 2004

Royal mail!

  radi8or 07:29 16 May 2004

Subscription great, no problem always on time, only thing Snail Mail do their best to destroy it getting it through the letterbox, pretty sure they try to fold coverdisks in half :0)))

Regards Bob

  ste_bla 10:53 16 May 2004

Cheers everyone looks like i will be signing up..

Just hope my mailman isnt in a mood when it turns up!

  Quiller. 11:17 16 May 2004

I agree with the above posters. Always on time and in good condition. Plus you save a few bob. :-)

  spuds 12:11 16 May 2004

Only one problem, like the rest of the delivered computer and trade magazines. Royal Mail sometimes deliver, minus the cd [cover disk]due to package damage. Tiscali cd glued in, so you are safe there.

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