PCA login name and password have gone missing

  johnem 20:59 16 Mar 2003

Hi gang, back for some more advice. I have recently noticed that although I had selcted "Remember password", whenever I access the PCA site, my password is no longer there, have to retype etc. Not much of a chore, but wondered where it has gone. I have recently installed and used Ontrack Internet Cleanup and presume that this has done its job and removed the cookies etc. I have disable Internet Cleanup and tried saving the passwords etc, rebooted to no avail. Any ideas?

  User-312386 21:01 16 Mar 2003

yep its because you have deleted cookies that it does not remember the name or password


  johnem 21:04 16 Mar 2003

madboy33™, thanks for confirming that. Is there a way of restore selected cookies? I have tried locking the PCA site cookies and my browser "Google", but with no success.

  watchful 21:12 16 Mar 2003

Did you have an earlier thread about this? Just curious because one of the replies given then suggested that you didn't know that everyone has to 'Log In' to this site and you thought that you could just click on Helproom. You wait for the 2nd page which welcomes you in and then you can access Helproom or any of the others.
I forget who came up with this answer.
It sounds simple I know but it seemed to be the right solution - if that was your thread of course.

  johnem 21:24 16 Mar 2003

Thanks for the info, unfortunately that was not my earlier thread. Think that I will uninstall Internet Cleanup, restore the passwords etc and then re-install Internet Cleanup as everything was OK before I decided to delete all of the previously locked cookies.

  johnem 23:38 17 Mar 2003

Thanks for the help, have carried out my earlier thoughts, seems to be OK now. At least it made me think about the problem.

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