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  [DELETED] 16:48 30 Oct 2003

Since the change in the PCA homepage I see a Column of text in the second column from the left, and two large areas of white on either side. I'm sure PCA wouldn't have designed it like this, and I think there should graphics there. Am I correct in this assumption? and if so how can I solve the problem, Using XP Home and IE6 with SP1 in both. I have checked in Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and all seems to set okay(EG Show Pictures etc). Any Ideas Please.

  Pesala 17:02 30 Oct 2003

I assume that you mean this thread of messages, and not the PCA Home Page click here

If so, then that is the way it was designed, and the vast majority seem to think it works well. The white column on the left is due to the list of the top twenty threads on the left, which allows quick navigation to another question without back-tracking to the message board. The small white column on the right is necessary because the site depends on advertising to stay alive.

  [DELETED] 17:08 30 Oct 2003

No I actually mean the site homepage, I feel sure there should be some graphics (picture of latest mag cover?) or something. Two large areas of white seem odd to me.

  Pesala 17:33 30 Oct 2003

This magazine cover is on the left click here and on the right is an advert for HP computers, click here net/535967/4pht_336x280_uk_330dt_gmr.gif At bottom right is another image for Home Networking. Has graphics display got turned off perhaps?

  cable-ties 17:36 30 Oct 2003

PCA home page has picture of latest edition mag on left and Intel ad in square on right.
Sorry i cant solve your problem, but at least you know what you should be seeing.

  cable-ties 17:39 30 Oct 2003

I turned my back for a second and the ad on the right changed.Its magic...

  Pesala 17:46 30 Oct 2003

click here

click here

I hope the links work this time.

  [DELETED] 18:47 31 Oct 2003


Only one graphic on the top left hand corner re
Home networking made easy.........obviously I am no getting some graphics for some reason, thanks to the other respondants for telling what I should be seeing, can someone suggest what I can do to actually see them. Many thanks

  [DELETED] 19:09 31 Oct 2003

Someone pleeeeeease, I fell like a 2nd class citizen if I can't see all the pretty pictures.

  [DELETED] 19:21 31 Oct 2003

Sorted, if it's of any interest to anyone else I turned off the Ad Blocking in Norton Firewall, and bob's you aunties live in lover, all bells and whistles are working.

  Pesala 19:34 31 Oct 2003

Lots of problems seem to be caused by Firewalls and so forth.

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