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  pj123 16:55 11 Feb 2003

Listen up everyone. This site is brilliant, but it is also ADDICTIVE. I seem to spend all my time on this site alone, I am not getting any work done. don't want to turn this posting into a chat room but I thought I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone on here. this is the first place I go to when logging on.

Thanks everyone.


  tran1 16:59 11 Feb 2003

I don't know whats wrong, but i'm also addicted! I seem to be coming here every 2 hours or so! Can't get my work done! arrrgghhhhh

  Gongoozler 17:01 11 Feb 2003

There is only one solution. Do what I did, take early retirement ;-)))

  pj123 17:04 11 Feb 2003

I did exactly. House is paid for but computer isn't. Strange what our priorities are these days?

  doug 17:06 11 Feb 2003

Yeah no more work to go to. Only got to keep Er-In-Doors happy and life is now a dream.

  Theonewhowatchesoveryou 17:13 11 Feb 2003

sense of deja vue here although not addicted do sem to spend alot of time keeping an eye out!! always have the site open whilst at work and dip in and out lots of others with the same problem as well click here

  Forum Editor 17:21 11 Feb 2003

Our secret plan's working then.

  Legolas 17:43 11 Feb 2003

"Addicted" not me I remember a day about six months ago.. a Tuesday I think when I only visited fifty times so you see I can't be addicted.

  PSF 17:53 11 Feb 2003

Addicted who me!!! I can stop no problem, well maybe tomorrow or the end of the week or.....


  pj123 17:56 11 Feb 2003

The only time I log off is to check my emails and guess what it says. "New response.....etc. so I go back in again. Like I said in a previous posting this PC is logged on all day as I am now on Broadband "always on" and it is.

To the Forum Editor, Yes obviously, and I also read the Magazine as well. If you don't read and/or stay on the help forum you can't learn.

  graham 17:59 11 Feb 2003

to drink! After a few pints of home-brew you lose focus.

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