pca forums being hijacked

  sunnystaines 07:58 09 Jul 2014

cannot post on other forums only this one. the pages are being hijacked by a dark page called deour.com.

pca pages displays for about 2 secs then this dark page hijacks the screen anyone else got it.

  sunnystaines 08:39 09 Jul 2014

norton reports deour as safe, perhaps might be an ad gone wrong but adblock plus does not block it. dare not visit deour.com in case its a bad site.

waiting for info reply in the thread from pca

  john bunyan 08:49 09 Jul 2014

I have no problems with W7;IE11 in any forum.

  BillSers 09:04 09 Jul 2014

I had the same and used JRT to clear any problems, now all's well.

click here won't do any harm to run it, it only takes a minute or two and you'd be surprised what it clears out.


  lotvic 09:04 09 Jul 2014

I'm getting it too on some threads when I open them. For example the OnePlus One Phone thread in Tech Consumer Advice click here

  martd7 09:11 09 Jul 2014

Same as john bunyan im not having those problems not even on my win8 mobile

  lotvic 09:41 09 Jul 2014

Got mine sorted, just blocked deour.com by adding a filter to AdblockPlus. Thread displays okay now.

  carver 09:46 09 Jul 2014

For one moment thought I'd got a nasty, having same problems with this thing, can't call it an advert it's just taken over.

  lotvic 09:54 09 Jul 2014

MechKB 2, I'm using Firefox and AdBlockPlus. I hardly ever use IE so haven't looked for or got an adblocker for IE. Maybe someone else has and will post.

  lotvic 09:56 09 Jul 2014

MechKB 2, my turn to ask you about IE. Which Adblocker have you got for it?

  carver 09:57 09 Jul 2014

I've got ad blocker on IE and still no luck, just keep getting directed to that @@@@@@@@@@@ site.

Any other site and would be running a full scan for a virus.

Speakers corner is now hopeless.

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