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  BAC1-11 11:32 06 Apr 2005

I have done a few searches recently and noticed that if you click on a 2002 topic in the search results you can't access it.

OK, I can understand having to limit the size of the Db but if you can't access a topic why show it in the search results?

  ACOLYTE 11:52 06 Apr 2005

Probably the search part hasnt been updated along with the DB.

  Simsy 12:29 06 Apr 2005

that what happened is that when the site was relaunched/moved to a new server some time ago, the archive material didn't get moved over.

It would, I presume, be impractical, if not impossible, to rremove the references to this material from the database.

As usual, I'm open to correction!

(Not that this helps of course!)



  jbp1982 12:46 06 Apr 2005

Can I say while I'm here, that the search facility is always overlooked. I encountered a few problems yesterday and the archives solved them. To do with the recycle bin/recycler folder.

Too many people think their problema are unique and put threads up. In the time you wait for replies, it'd be quicker to do a search.

Kind Regards


  spuds 18:49 06 Apr 2005

The server was changed with the end result that certain items going back a couple of years were deleted to save space.

Agree about the search facility not being used enough, especially when you see the same or very similar repeated questions on a near daily basis.

  GaT7 19:35 06 Apr 2005

The search facility has also helped me on numerous occasions - probably several times more than the number of fresh threads I've had to start!

It would be nice if the "Create new subject for discussion" section
included something to the effect:

"Top TIP: Use the search facility to see if your query was already answered & save yourself the hassle of posting afresh".

But, as long as this forum & it's kind, knowledgable members 'spoil' us with their frequent instant solutions to most questions - how many would care to do searches on a regular basis?! G

  TonyV 20:17 06 Apr 2005

I seem to remember this topic raised it head a few weeks ago, and the answer was that there was a cut off date of 2002. Anything in 2002 and before is not available anymore! (Unless, of course, someone can say differently!!)

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