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PCA Forum Issues

  robin_x 19:47 18 May 2015

I recently posted in a thread the text eBay

An automatic link was generated and I wondered if I had a redirect trojan

ADW and malwarebytes were OK, but Ccleaner seems to have cured it. Maybe it was a cookie.


While I am here, PCA pages always seem to perpetually show a Refresh circle

Also I get continual LastPass warnings about passing my details to IDG (Yes/No)

Does the site code need fixing or is it me and my add-ons?

I use Firefox and sometimes Chrome.

  robin_x 12:43 19 May 2015

Thanks for the link to a few days ago bumpkin

What Forum Admin didn't appreciate was that while we are not against raising revenue by various means, we don't like being jumped by sudden unexpected changes.

Malware is rampant on the Internet. Everyone is on their guard.

A warning from instigators would have been sensible

And if FEs want to get arsey about using the site "free of charge" I will happily decamp.

I believe I give to the community more than I receive.

It's a social place and people have serious problems that they can't fix and would likely be charged lots at a reputable or dodgy outfit to rectify.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:57 19 May 2015

Thanks for the link to other thread Bumpkin.

It was interesting to see the Forum Editor's comment:

"........and we stand a chance of making a tiny amount towards the running costs."

That implies that these forums are running at a loss.

There's no altruism in big businesses so if that is really the case then IDG would have closed the forums down by now or adopted a subscription-based model (which no one would pay for).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:03 19 May 2015

Seems to be sorted now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:32 19 May 2015

spoke too soon!

  alanrwood 11:55 20 May 2015

Yes I guess you did. The site is now unwieldy to use.

It started some time ago where opening the forum selection page started acting up. Selecting another sub forum meant that the back button did not work to go back to the main forum page in order to select another sub forum. Instead it went back to whatever had been viewed earlier and nothing related to this forum. The spinning circle was very apparent

I initially got over this by selecting the sub forum to open in a new tab which then seemed to work as normal. I just closed that tab and had the main page retained on the original tab. After a long time of spinning circles it would work correctly.

Now even the sub forums have the same problem when selecting a specific topic and again the spinning circles are very apparent.

This now means I waste more time navigating this forum than I ever had to do accompanied by the frustration of not knowing when it will work correctly or not.

Some changes have been made to introduce this frustration and I would ask that these be reviewed or access improved to avoid the problem.

  QuizMan 12:44 20 May 2015

With the spinning disc, would I be right in assuming that it is eating into data usage (if only by a small amount) for those on a fixed data usage per month contract?

We get a free forum and I am happy with PCA defraying the costs through adverts, but not to the financial detriment of forum members where the data limit is exceeded.

  bumpkin 17:44 20 May 2015

"Site Error" message for the last few hours.

  Pine Man 18:52 20 May 2015

Also unable to post any replies due to 'We think this is spam' notices!

  bumpkin 21:57 20 May 2015

Dare I say it but it seems to be working fine now.

No don't say it or you will jinx it again:-)

  alanrwood 09:14 21 May 2015

Something has certainly changed as it does seem to have reverted to correct usage. Hope we have not spoken too soon.

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