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PCA Forum Issues

  robin_x 19:47 18 May 2015

I recently posted in a thread the text eBay

An automatic link was generated and I wondered if I had a redirect trojan

ADW and malwarebytes were OK, but Ccleaner seems to have cured it. Maybe it was a cookie.


While I am here, PCA pages always seem to perpetually show a Refresh circle

Also I get continual LastPass warnings about passing my details to IDG (Yes/No)

Does the site code need fixing or is it me and my add-ons?

I use Firefox and sometimes Chrome.

  robin_x 02:27 19 May 2015

I also have Green Ticks on every post in this thread

Does any one else see the same?

  john bunyan 09:24 19 May 2015

No issues on IE 11

  Secret-Squirrel 10:35 19 May 2015

".......but I get jittery when something amends my posts"

Me too. I made a couple of posts the other day where I mentioned eBay, Amazon and Dell and was a tad miffed to see that links had appeared making it look like I was promoting those companies.

By the way, a lot of users here use Adblock Plus, and with a bit of tweaking you can make those links disappear without installing any extra add-ons. Simply remove the tick from ADP's "Allow some non-intrusive advertising", click OK then refresh the page.

  xania 11:09 19 May 2015

IE - same problem.

And I agree with robin_x about changes to my postings. Have queried with FE but no response. I suspect that some of those fancy video ads we are now getting could be the culprit, and that's the price we pay for having a free forum site??!!

  robin_x 12:04 19 May 2015

I have lots of security but my jitteriness was increased because this had sneaked by and I didn't know why

I also make System Images every few days or 2 or 3 weeks and keep old ones on my 2GB ext drive.

So the Nuclear Option means I don't worry too much about severe infections and losing everything

This one seems minor, but still sounded my alarm

  Secret-Squirrel 12:04 19 May 2015

Hi Lotvic

".....................(generates money for pca to help pay for this free forum)"

With the numerous media-rich ads, ad links, web trackers, and our posts now generating extra cash, I'd be very surprised if this forum is operating at a loss ;)

  robin_x 12:07 19 May 2015

2GB? Sudden flashback to a previous life. I mean 2TB

  bumpkin 12:19 19 May 2015

I asked about the links in a different forum a few days ago if anyone is interested in reading the comments.

click here

  lotvic 12:20 19 May 2015

SS, Simply remove the tick from ADP's "Allow some non-intrusive advertising" thanks for that - will do :)

re:...generates money for pca... that's what all the adverts do. Personally I find the pages unmanageable without the blockers on ;)

  bumpkin 12:22 19 May 2015

You will not of course see any red links if you are blocking them successfully.

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