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  penholder 19:11 17 Jul 2008

Have downloaded and unzipped RegSeeker. How do I get it to start?

  johndrew 19:27 17 Jul 2008

Unless it is a free standing program (which I don`t think it is) you need to install it before you can run it. After un-zipping, double click the installation icon in the folder and it should install. Then you can either run it from the desktop icon or from `All Proframs`.

  Simsy 20:17 17 Jul 2008

a freestanding program.

Having unzipped it you can just doubleclick on Regseeker.exe.

For the sake of tidyness I would put all that is unzipped into a folder called "Regseeker" and have this in the "Program Files" folder on the C drive.



  penholder 21:00 17 Jul 2008

Unzipped file but there is no Regseeker.exe file.
Got it to scan by clicking on an icon. Not sure which one though. It has scanned my system but how do you get it to clean the registry?

  Gongoozler 21:16 17 Jul 2008

The icon that looks a bit like a monitor with things whirling around it is the icon for Regseeker.exe. If while the Regseeker folder is open, you click View - List, you will see the file names. If you don't, click on Tools - Folder Options - View, and remove the tick from the box for "Hide extensions for known file types". Presumably in Regseeker you have selected "Clean the registry" from the menu on the left of the screen and then clicked the OK button. Make sure that there is a tick in the box for "Backup before deletion" Select all the items you want deleted (I always select all, then click Action - Delete selected items.

  bluto1 21:31 17 Jul 2008

To follow Gongoozler's post,also have a look in Help. You may find a short manual in there.
If you don't have a RegSeeker.exe icon I'd also look in Program Files on your C drive and click on the icon and load the program from there.

  Simsy 22:53 17 Jul 2008

your system set to show file extentions?

I.E. do you ever see thing called (something).exe or would you just see the (something) ?

If so, just double click on the file called RegSeeker

Hope this helps!



  Gongoozler 23:13 17 Jul 2008

When you have got RegSeeker working to your satisfaction, Move the folder to a covenient location, e.g. C:\Program Files. Then right click on Regseeker.exe and select Create Shortcut. Then move the newly created shortcut to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs. Finally right click on the shortcut, select Rename and remove the "Shortcut to" part of the name. RegSeeker will now be in your Start - All Programs menu

  penholder 21:22 18 Jul 2008

Thanks to everyone for the help

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