PCA-Coverdisk-Renaming Nero 6 Files-yes 0r no

  holly polly 18:12 24 Sep 2003

Hi just started installing pca coverdisk -cd maker when it informed me i have other cd rw software installed eg nero6 ,to resolve possible conflicts these files vxd will be renamed to bat -the question is do i all ow this?
Nero 6 is working fine at the moment ,and i do not want to do anything to foul this up -
As usual all replies greatfully recieved.
Hol Pol..

  Jester2K II 18:21 24 Sep 2003

click here

From whats been said in a few other threads i would stick to Nero...

  holly polly 18:30 24 Sep 2003

just as i thought ,though what intrigued me was the vcd option ,perhaps you can help me is it perfectly legal to make vcd backups -for my own personal use of my dvds -i know you can with copyrighted music but not to sure about dvds ,and if it is which software do you reccomend ,i have a dvd reader installed and cd rw sadly no dvd rw -many thanks -hol pol..

  Jester2K II 18:40 24 Sep 2003

"i know you can with copyrighted music "

As with ANY copyright material - IT DEPENDS ON THE LICENSE.

I think you'll find it is NOT LEGAL to make backups of Copyrighted Music or DVDs. DVDs have loads of copy protection anyway...

However i don't think anyone I'll come knocking on your door unless you start flogging them...

I can't recommend any VCD software as I'm not careless enough to require "backup" copies of my DVDs....

  Chegs ® 18:48 24 Sep 2003

I use this freebie to rip DVD's(even copyright protected)click here

  holly polly 22:27 24 Sep 2003

me thinks i will stay with nero ,many thanks to all who posted ,much obliged-hol pol...

  MIke 22:30 24 Sep 2003

In my experience Nero is very fussy about sharing a pc with other cd burning software. I have V5.5 which will write to VCD so surely V6 has it too?

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