[DELETED] 12:20 04 Nov 2003

The AMD ad that takes control of the top of Internet Explorer is REALLY annoying! When it first popped up I thought it was a virus or spyware and immediately shut Explorer down. The second time it took me a moment to figure out that my back button was still there.

Is this the new future of pop-up ads?

  [DELETED] 12:44 04 Nov 2003

You can get rid of it, click opt-out.

  [DELETED] 12:45 04 Nov 2003

It politely gives you the option to disable it permanently or on a per session basis.

I clicked on it anyway and spent some time looking round.

It's the least we can do really, to click on an ad now and then if it helps the site keep running through sponsorship/advertising revenue.


  [DELETED] 13:55 04 Nov 2003

Use click here if you dont want to move away from IE. its inbult filtering tools are brilliant and as it is a shell for IE its still 100% compatible

  [DELETED] 17:39 04 Nov 2003

As the Forum Editor says - advertising pays for this site etc.... the ad is annoying, but extremely effective and much more difficult to ignore compared to pop ups, pop unders etc. I expect most of us remember the product being advertised.

It was the first time I've seen such internet advertising and through various threads it's interesting to see how paranoid we all are about viruses that several people had exactly the same reaction and immediately closed their browsers.

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