PC3200 memory on 333FSB

  Pillo 11:34 20 Mar 2005

I have seen systems advertised with a m/bd max fsb of 333MHz but the memory fitted is pc3200. I thought this memory needed a 400Mhz fsb. Obviously not if theses systems are being sold. Can anyone clarify please?? Thanks

  alan227 11:48 20 Mar 2005

333 memory will run on a 400 max board but will only run at 333mhz.

  Pillo 11:55 20 Mar 2005

Thanks alan. That clears up some confusion. I'll use the 3200 'cos it's cheaper and more useful for upgrades.

  Pillo 11:59 20 Mar 2005

Woops, I've just re-read your answer and I think you are confused Alan. Your answer is the wrong way round. What I want to know is will 400Mhz memory run on a motherboard with a max fsb of 333Mhz??

  dan11 12:10 20 Mar 2005

Yes pc3200 memory ( 400Mhz ) can run on some 333Mhz cpu bus systems. The classic case is a Asus A7V8X-X motherboard. The maximum fsb of this board is 333Mhz but it will run pc3200 memory.

It is always worth reading the manual of the motherboard to determine the fastest memory you can use. Or if you know the motherboard you are interested in, put it in crucial click here to check the best memory you can put in.

just remember if you are putting memory that is not the same speed as the cpu, that you check that spd is enabled in the bios. This will run the memory at it's true speed, if it is available.

  Pillo 12:19 20 Mar 2005

Many thanks for the advice and the excellent link. Told me all I needed to know. thanks again

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