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PC2100 vs PC2700 no performance difference

  hugh-265156 22:39 20 Mar 2005

hi folks i don't have a problem but would like your opinion please.

i put together a budget computer a few weeks back based around an amd sempron 2600+ & asrock mobo. i had all the things i needed apart from the memory so as a temporary measure i used an old 512MB stick of PC2100 from my other computer in the meantime.

i was always told that using slower ram would hold the computer back a lot and i really should get PC2700 to match the FSB of the sempron. the new computer ran everything much better than my last computer even using the slower MHz memory so i was happy enough.

i finally got around to purchasing the new 512MB stick of PC2700 ram this week and replaced the old stuff. I'm intending to add another 512MB soon to make it 1GB but just out of curiosity and for a bit of a laugh i ran all sorts of benchmarks (pcmark, sandra, pc pitstop, 3dmark, you name it) before and after installing the faster ram and noted the results down. guess what? all exactly the same scores no difference at all for before and after :-)

so why no difference in performance? is it because the difference in memory speed so small that even memory benchmarks don't reflect it or does it just prove that it was silly of me to waste my time running benchmarks in the first place? :-)

windows in general seems a bit more perky though.

just interested ta.

  hugh-265156 00:26 21 Mar 2005

yep its set to auto detect and running at 333mhz in the bios.

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