pc133 and pc100 ram?

  boon_intheuk 23:27 06 Oct 2003

Hi, I havbe a 256 Mb stick of pc133 SDRam in my PC. I also have a spare 256 MB stick of PC100 SDRam.
My question is, is the PC100 ram compatable with the PC133 ram?
And if so will it mean an improvement to my PC if I have them both plugged in to my mainboard?
Thanks, Boon.

  DieSse 23:34 06 Oct 2003

It all depends - maybe - maybe not.

If your motherboard is set to run the RAM at 100MHz (even tho' it's get PC133 RAM in there, it may be set to 100MHz) - then adding the extra stick in may work.

If your motherboard is set to run at 133MHz - then the xtra RAM definately won't work, unless you drop the RAM speed to 100MHz.

Even then, some systems are fussier than others when it comes to mixing RAM speeds, and even makers. There are other parameters besides the basic speed, and they may not be compatible.

So - the ideal is to have two sticks of identical RAM.

The next best is that they won't work together at all (at least you know where you stand)

The worst is that they appear to work but give you strange intermittent errors.

Needless to say, RAM timings are adjusted in the BIOS.

I have long been of the opinion that many starmge and intermittent screw-ups are down to mis-matched RAM.

  boon_intheuk 23:43 06 Oct 2003

So having checked the ram is being run at 100 Mhz, I just put the stick in and see what happens?

  DieSse 23:45 06 Oct 2003

Yup or nope - depending on how you feel about it.

  DieSse 23:46 06 Oct 2003

Forgot to say - you probably won't notice much difference unless you're running XP, handling large image files, or doing lots of stuff at the same time.

  boon_intheuk 23:47 06 Oct 2003

Is there any chance of causing damage if I try it?

  boon_intheuk 23:55 06 Oct 2003

Im running ME and I dont tend to run a lot at a time, but about the possability of damage....?

  DieSse 23:56 06 Oct 2003

No possibilty of damage (unless you cause it when you go into the system, of course).

  TBH1 13:39 07 Oct 2003

i have w98se with 128mb pc100 and 256mb pc133 - - - no worries here .

  Gaz W 22:46 07 Oct 2003

I bought 2 sticks of 256MB that was SUPPOSED to be PC100, but it turned out that one was 133. The board supported 100 and when installed together they didn't work properly, although they did work separately. In the end I just left the PC100 memory in and sold the 133 back to the person who sold it me!

  The Sack 22:59 07 Oct 2003

PC100 with a CAS 2 will run fine at PC133 CAS 3 without issue so take a look at its CAS rating, if its 2 you can run it at PC133 anyways

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