PC with XP and 98SE - partitioning problems.

  MartinT-B 15:44 07 Feb 2003

A friend of mine recently purchased Xp and wanted to load it onto his PC as a 2nd OS.

Using PM8 we partitioned his C: drive, telling PM that another OS was to be installed. It created the hidden boot partition and all worked well apart from one niggle that he chose to work around.

The niggle is that his C: drive 2nd partition is now his E: drive and his 2nd HDD is still his D:

Now, having worked very well with XP he decided that he wanted to resize his partitions, taking some of the 20gb still allocated to 98SE and giving it to XP.

When we partitioned his original C: drive we kept it as FAT32.

When we started to re-size, we also decided to decrease the size of the hidden boot partition (which was at 1GB) to 100MB (min is 47MB).

PM8 started the process then stopped after making the boot partition 100 mb.

There are now 2 hidden boot partitions. 1 of 100mb containing 1mb of data, and another of 900mb containing 14mb of data. I cannot resize, merge or delete the 2nd boot

The PC still starts perfectly.

Questions are:

1) what can I do about the hidden boot partitions?

2) Should I just delete win98se off of the PC and dedicate it all to XP?

3) can I change it from FAT32 to NTFS with XP still on it

4) If I have to delete all partitions and reformat what is the situation regarding the XP license?

His PC details are:

Intel Celeron 850 Mhz.

256MB PC 133 SDRAM 32x64 DIMM Module


ATI Xpert2000 RagePro 128VR AGP 32MB.

Seagate 40GB IDE HDD &
Generic 13GB IDE HDD

  DCM32 17:43 07 Feb 2003

If you are using BM8, you need to have a fat32 partition to hold the boot info.

I currently have two Win98SE and an XP partition on my pc, with one of the Win98 partitions as the boot partition.

I first created the boot partion and loaded 98 PM7 etc.

Using PM7 i created two more FAT32 partitions, which were then hidden. Using the BM7 program, I booted up in the first new partition, and loaded another copy of win98. When this was all sorted, I booted up the other partion and loaded WinXP.

WinXP has a conversion routine that will convert FAT32 to NTFS, PM7 cant do this. You need to use the CONVERT command in a command prompt window. Make sure you have backed up your data first (mine is all on a second HDD). Typing Help COnvert at the command prompt will give you details on how to use it.

I cant see a problem if you need to restart by reformating and creating new partitions, as you still are only installing one copy of XP.

  MartinT-B 09:36 10 Feb 2003

Will be trying to sort tonight.

Anyone else?

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