PC to Xbox Router problems :(

  DJ Supreme 16:17 09 May 2005

I just bought a router today, the intentions are to play my xbox on live, aswell as allow my pc to stay connected. Im running on Windows98 Se, using Telewest broadband.

I just need help, someone to take me step by step of what to do. My pc is connected, as i am posting here, but the xbox live doesnt. In the instruction manual, it says type winipcfg in the Start, Run box and my ip should be 192 something, but instead it always shows 82

Id greatly appreciate the help provided thanks

  DJ Supreme 21:47 09 May 2005

Also to add, when i try install the software that came with my router, it can detect the internet connection, but then the next step says it cant detect my router

  timeteam2004 22:26 09 May 2005

The MAC Address of your PC and XBOX are supposed to be different. Here are the steps to hook up your router to your computer and XBOX.

1.) Plug the cat 5 cable from your cable/dsl modem to the WAN port on the back of your router.

2.) plug the cat 5 cables from your XBOX and PC to any port numberd between 1 and 4 on your router.

3.) Turn on your PC and go to the Internet. If you cannot connect to the Internet, unplug your router and your cable modem. Leave them off for a minute or two and then power on your cable modem and then your router. When your router powers on there is a reset switch on the front of the router you'll need to push you'll also need to get a pin to reach it.

4.) When you finally reach the Internet go to click here

5.) use admin for the username and password

6.)Go to the DHCP tab and make sure DHCP server is enabled.

  DJ Supreme 10:51 10 May 2005

Thanks for the reply, could you please keep the technical stuff aside if possible thanks (i get mixed up easy).

Ok, im connected to the internet, but that click here site doesnt do anything. Ill try and summarize what ive got:

1 PC - 1 Xbox - 1 Ethernet Cable - 1 Ethernet Cable Provided with Router - 1 Cable Modem - 1 USB Wire for the Internet

Thanks, im sure i must have it hooked up wrong or something

  woodchip 10:58 10 May 2005

First thing to check. Start computer up and go into BIOS setup, check to see if Lan is enabled. For BIOS it should say as you start what key to press

  woodchip 11:02 10 May 2005

I it's wireless modem. I have to open IE and type click here if you see a blue click hear hover your mouse over it to get the address

  DJ Supreme 16:27 10 May 2005

It doesnt work for that link, and is the BIOS screen when you press Delete i think on startup?

  DJ Supreme 16:36 10 May 2005

ok, sorry for the quick post back, i changed the thing in the BIOS (it was disabled).

Then when i started windows again, it was trying to install some drivers for an ethernet connection or something, but i tried loading the drivers of the windows 98 disk, nothing found, same for the disk provided with my router.

PS - The link still doesnt load anything?

  Suzuki ITFC 17:10 10 May 2005

to access my router i have to use click here

  DJ Supreme 17:35 10 May 2005

Update, just a question, do i still need the USB (from pc to modem) connected?

And also, i read somewhere that i need 3 ethernet cables, does one need to go into the pc, if so they dont fit.

Im really in a muddle here, i hope your expertise can help me

Thanks again, DJ

  woodchip 19:34 10 May 2005

Watch my lips, If you read what I said!!!!!!! the link is not supposed to do anything I said hover your mouse over the Link Write Down the Address Open IE and now type the Address into the Address Bar and press enter or just typ the and press enter mine needs the http:// before the number to work

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