PC and Xbox live

  Methedrine 14:27 19 Mar 2006

I have a friend who is trying to connect his Xbox through his BT Voyager 205 router. He wants to connect the router to his PC using USB and the Xbox to the router using a crossover cable so that he can play Xbox live while his girlfriend surfs the net. When he tries he gets a message saying, "something about needing USB drivers."

He has tried to install SP2 on his PC, but it failed. I've been out to it today and I ran SIW on his PC, and have established that he is using a pirated copy of XP Pro. I have told him that he needs to get his hand in his pocket and buy a legal copy of XP.

Will the new copy of XP with SP2 enable him to do the above, or have I told him to spend £60 unneceassarily?

  mgmcc 23:10 19 Mar 2006

In order to connect the PC to the router by USB, he will need to install the software provided with the router. The fact that XP is a 'pirated' copy should not in itself cause a problem with networking.

<<< He wants to connect...
...the Xbox to the router using a crossover cable >>>

A "crossover" cable is used to connect two computers directly - "Network Adapter to Network Adapter". It is not normally used to connect to a router, which uses a "straight-wired" ethernet cable.

  Methedrine 08:58 20 Mar 2006

But doesn't the fact that he can't install service pack 2 have something to do with the USB side of things?
I checked in Device Manager and there are no yellow triangles with exclamation marks in them next to USB. He has re-installed the modem/router several times and selected the "connect using USB" option to no avail.
All four USB ports will recognize a flash drive and read from/write to the documents on it, but won't accept the modem/router as being connected.
Do you think trying a different USB cable is worth a try?

  mgmcc 12:21 20 Mar 2006

<<< But doesn't the fact that he can't install service pack 2 have something to do with the USB side of things? >>>

USB was first introduced in the final versions of Windows 95, with much improved support implemented in Windows 98. There certainly shouldn't be any problem with USB in Windows XP, regardless of whether or not SP1 or SP2 is installed.

Unfortunately, I cannot help with the specifics of setting up a modem/router via USB because I have Cable broadband and use only ethernet connections. One possible solution, if the router only has a single ethernet port, would be to plug a "Network Switch" into it to provide additional ports. All connections could then be via ethernet.

<<< Do you think trying a different USB cable is worth a try? >>>

You've nothing to lose :)

  Danoh 15:31 20 Mar 2006

Echoing mgmcc; I used to use NTL's cable modem's USB port to connect directly to one PC (before I networked).
I found it best to avoid NTL's installation CD adding extra components, which required Add/Remove programs to remove all related aspects and so to start afresh.

After re-starting the PC without the cable modem connected, I would connect via USB.
When the hardware wizard starts, I would direct it to look for the modem's driver on the NTL installation CD instead.

I don't know if the same method will work for your ADSL modem-router device though.

  Methedrine 18:19 20 Mar 2006

Thank you for your responses mgmcc and Danoh.

I will try Danoh's suggestion after trying a new/different USB cable.

I suppose the upside of this is that he will have a legal copy of XP and will be able to get updates.

I will leave the thread open for the time being as he gets paid shortly and will then purchase his own copy of XP. I will post back with any success as and when it happens.


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