pc world restore discs, xp

  GuyR 12:26 06 Feb 2004

Am i correct in thinking that if I reformat the hard drive this disc will no longer allow xp to load? I believe that the disc needs to access data stored on the hard drive which is hidden from normal view.

Neede to know as friend is talking about doing a reformat and would hate her to have to buy a full copy of XP to get OS back up and running.

  ventanas 12:38 06 Feb 2004

If you have a restore or recovery disc there should not be any problem. Just insert it and follow the instructions. The restore data should be on a separate hidden partition so will remain unaffected.

With a recovery disc this is all you can probably do.

  westdudes 12:57 06 Feb 2004

i can understand your consideration...i once had to fix a packard bell computer from pc world once...i thought that i could reformat in dos mode fine...then use the recovery disks to put O/S back on...i was rong...the pc neverworked...and needed a complete redo of the hard drive..took me ages. If i was you...dont reformat in the dos but put the recovery disk or cd in...and use the option of reformatting the computer from that...if you could give me more specs then maybe i could be rong and you could use the normal way of doing it but if its a computer such as packard bell etc then thy have them 'easy master cd's' which are supposed to do things for you. Try looking on the recovery disks first....if theres something on them that refers to formatting the hard drive and re installing your o/s use it..if not get back to us :)

  GuyR 14:39 06 Feb 2004

machine is a pc world e210 machine (not mine) bought within last year. owner has got a strnge virus on it which I hacve found out how to kill. she is wanting to get machine cleaned and back to where she was when she bought it.

I have used this sort of disc before which wiped disc clean as reloaded, but waas hoping to be able to maybe even f-disk her machine to put a partition on it for her data. will probably just see what is on restore disc before we start anything

  ventanas 14:49 06 Feb 2004

I wouldn't fdisk it. That could well kill the recovery. A format using the recovery disc should clear any virus.

  Djohn 14:56 06 Feb 2004

The best and easiest way is to use the restore disk. This will format the C: drive and re-install the O/S and drivers back to as the first day she bought the PC.

Using the restore disk will access the necessary files from the hidden partition of the drive, where as a normal F/disk and format will wipe this partition losing all the data. If you want to create another partition on the drive you could then use something like Partition magic. j.

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