"PC WORLD" PC Performance!!

  jintysheep 13:40 20 Mar 2003

Can anyone help with a performance problem i'm having on my 2 month old Packard Bell PC. Basically the specs are 2.2ghz, 256ram, 64sis graphics(shared). Anyway when I try and run age of mythology, with nothing else open (except XP) it cannot handle the graphics very well, and slows down in fight scenes etc. I can only imagine the graphics card is too *[email protected]:e. The spec on the game pac is 450mhz,128ram,36grpahics. HELP PLEASE SOMEONE!!!

  davidg_richmond 13:43 20 Mar 2003

that game has had trouble on loads of integrated graphics motherboards - have a look on the games website for updates and see if that solves the problem

  tbh72 13:47 20 Mar 2003

If the graphics card is shared, that means it's using your system memory. eg 256 - 64 = 192mb of ram.

You have two choices, 1. Enter the bios and reduce the amount of shared memory used for the graphics eg from 64 to 32 or 2. Buy a new AGP graphics card, If you post a meesage here about your requirements they are sure to reccommend a suitable card.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:42 20 Mar 2003

This has nothing to do with PCW as the performance of the machine is clearly stated. To run the game smoothly you really need a 64MB graphics card that is not integrated. Integrated graphics cards are fine for everything....except power hungry games.


  Pilch.... 22:11 20 Mar 2003

then i would advise taking it to PC World to install, because if you do and they spot it, then your warrenty will be invalid

  davidg_richmond 00:42 21 Mar 2003

click here;en-us;303032
follow a few of these instructions and let us know. the PB has a free AGP port that can take a better graphics card if you are going to play a lot of games. do you have a PB 1200+ scanner installed too? if so you may have a known conflict with the inbuilt gfx - click here solves this

  Eagie 08:42 21 Mar 2003

Check the samll print first but I don't think installing a new graphics card will invalidate your warranty.

I bought a Packard Bell PC from PCW and after 10 months decided to change its motherboard. A month later the hard drive supplied with the machine failed but my mb upgrade didn't concern PCW at all and they replaced the hard drive (an engineer even came to my home and commented on how nice my new cables were!). Obviously if something goes wrong concerning the graphics card then they wont be held responsible but all other components should still be covered.

  hugh-265156 12:03 21 Mar 2003

Eagie is correct i bought a packard bell imedia pc from pc world last october and also got the performance agreement.i was having some problems like yourself as i had onboard sis650 graphics and upgraded to a new radeon card myself.the new card is not covered if anything goes wrong but the rest of the system is.however if you buy the parts from pc world and they fit them then the new parts are covered.i decided to do myself as i got a three year warranty with my card and it was£20 cheaper than pc world.

  Bailey08787 13:24 21 Mar 2003

one moral of the story is, make sure that if you buy a system that you want to play games on, make sure it's got a good enough graphics card to handle your needs.

  hugh-265156 14:02 21 Mar 2003

Bailey08787 it can be more cost effective to get lower spec and upgrade later though.always have the onboard to fall back on if the radeon goes pear shaped aswell.

  Bailey08787 17:31 21 Mar 2003

huggy - graphics cards shouldn't go pear-shaped - and if they do, they are faulty, and you need to get a refund/replacement.

Selecting a motherboard because it has onboard graphics is worthless, if you intend to purchase a stand-alone graphics card.

the more money you save by not opting for a motherboard with onboard graphics, allows more money to be spent on the graphics card - a card that would be able to run games such as age of mythology nice and smoothly

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