PC World, DVD Re-writable?

  andym99 21:26 15 Jul 2004

In march this year I decided it was time to buy myself a laptop. In my local pc world I noticed that a lot of laptops now had re-writable dvd drives at very reasonable prices. on closer inspection many of these were dvd rom/cd-rw combo drives but there seemed to be a lot of discrepency in the wording (dvd rewritable, dvd recordable, dvd-rw). I asked staff for help but they seemed strangely unsure (or deliberately vague!). I decided to go home and do some more research. That weekend I saw a pc world ad in the national press, one item was a toshiba laptop, advertised as dvd-rw and in the description, said that you could record to dvd discs. I went back to pc world, found the SA40, checked with a staff member and was told, quite aggresively, that it would record to DVD, because "it says so"! I bought the laptop. Due to work commitments, I was working away from home for 3 months very soon afterwards (with a laptop temporarily provided) so had only used my toshiba for a week or so with no burning discs. on my return home, I bought myself a few DVD-R discs and looked forward to using my new "toy". the point of the story, as you've no doubt guessed a while back, is that my laptop does not record to DVDs, it appears to be a CD-RW/DVD ROM combo drive. I feel pc world are fully aware of the confusion and misinformation and I have been deliberately mis-sold to! Any body else had a similar experience or know where I can get a copy of the original press ad?

  josie mayhem 22:00 15 Jul 2004

Yep, been there in my novice days.

Not with pc world, but another shop, One of my first up-grades, decided to get a cd-rw, and in the shop I could see on the box cd-rw but wasn't sure wheather it ment that it could read rewrite or wheather it ment that it could record as well.

So asked the shop assistant, who I ended up with having a in-depth discussion on the benefits of being able to store large amount of data on cd and yes it would do that for me.

Got home (on the other side of town) opened the box, read the instruction manual which informed me, that no it didn't record data ahhhhh. But to add insult to injury, when I dashed back to the shop, and asked for my money back, I was told that because I had paid on my husbands debit card, and I only had my debit card with me they could refund my money!!!!!! Even though the only difference in the cards is the name everything else matched. Was I turse or was I turse but it worked once I spoked to the manager, explained that my card belonged to the same account as my husband, and if they expected me to drive back across town and return with his card, when they gave me the wrong information then they were going to pay my petrol money and time as well has the refund. Worked a treat.

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