PC World and Consumer Protection Act

  Rodders1 10:49 14 Apr 2007

The following is a letter I wrote to the Crusader in the Daily Express regarding a problem with a printer and PC Worlds response.
At present the Crusader has not replied and I wonder if there is someone out there who can answer the questions I ask at the end of this letter.
If so I would be most pleased to read any comments.

Dear Marsha,

I wrote recently to inform you of PC Worlds attitude to a faulty printer, a Lexmark multi function device that hadn't worked fully since purchase last November.

The initial response was to contact Lexmark which I refused to do and took the printer back to the store where purchased, which is the Hove PC World in Sussex.

Again I was told to contact Lexmark to which I demanded to see the manager, who didn't come but told his minion to take my printer in for investigation.

I left a phone number but as my phone blocks unknown numbers, which seems to be PC Worlds ploy, I didn't receive a call to tell me to collect the printer.

I called this weekend and was told that Lexmark want the printer connected to the PC and then phone them so they can "see" what the problem is.

PC World have refused to exchange the printer or refund my money as Lexmark would refuse to recompense them if they were to return the printer.

The cost is a trifling £79 or so and I would rather dump the printer and buy another non Lexmark from someone else other than PC World.

Can PC World refuse to conform to the Consumer Protection Act?
Can Lexmark also refuse to conform also?
There is a principal at stake here and on my own I seem to be powerless and for this reason I wonder if you can help me with my problem.

Rod Ackers
East Sussex

  dms05 10:59 14 Apr 2007

I think after 5 or 6 months it's not unreasonable of PC World to refuse a refund or exchange the printer.

It seems normal practice in the PC business to seek help from the manufacturer rather than the retailer as a result of the complex nature of the equipment.

Under your set of circumstances I would have initially contacted Lexmark and if they failed to resolve the matter then approach PC World. I've had instances where the manufacturer has told me to return a product and show a copy of the manufacturers email as confirmation.

You should always remember the fault might be within your own PC rather than with the peripheral. If this is the case the manufacturer may help you resolve your problem.

  derbyfc 10:59 14 Apr 2007

the item needs to be fit for purpose as it is clearly not,they should replace or refund.
Your contract is with pc world,just go to trading standards and get them on the case
As a former retail manager the last thing you wanted was trading standards sniffing about.

  [email protected] 11:08 14 Apr 2007

i had a problem with a ram module on my compaq machine i bought from them last july, and all they did was give me hp helpline number, i did my yts (showing my age) with dsg and i see they still havnt changed! i wouldnt by a fuse from pc world!

  MAJ 11:09 14 Apr 2007

I don't know (and you haven't said) what want on between you and PCWorld before you got to the stage of writing the letter to the Crusader, but my experience with PCWorld is that they [usually] take faulty equipment back and give a replacement, usually without question, especially if it's something as inexpensive as your printer. I have returned a faulty printer, router and modem before, so I have had a little experience with them and they have been nothing but pleasant to me.
Have you been in touch with PCWorld since the printer started going wrong (November) or did you just arrive into the shop one day and say that the printer hasn't worked properly for months without prior proof of that fact?

  Taff™ 11:29 14 Apr 2007

One of my clients was given a Lexmark Multifunction printer with a laptop package he bought from PC world. It would print OK but the scanner didn`t function - a problem he realised a couple of months later. He took it back and their technicians spent a couple of hours trying to get it to work with his laptop. Then they gave up and replaced the printer with a new one.

This too didn`t work in scanning mode and I went to have a look at it. It became fairly obvious that the software disc hadn`t loaded the appropriate drivers for the scanner through the User Set Up Interface. I manually looked in the appropriate folders on the driver disk and ran the scanner set up from there. All working.

I rang PC World and told them what the problem was and received a positive thank you from the assistant manager. I too have never had a problem returning goods to the store even after several months. No quibbles at all.

  Fingees 11:32 14 Apr 2007

I think this thread would be more suited to the consumer watch forum.
All the best.

  Kate B 11:46 14 Apr 2007

I think PC World is doing the right thing after its initial blip with referring you to Lexmark: as has been noted, your contract is with PC World. It's also your fault that they couldn't contact you - many businesses show up on a mobile as unknown number, so that's not a valid point, annoying though it must have been. The one question I would ask PCW though is why they can't just connect it to one of their PCs to test it.

  ArrGee 12:06 14 Apr 2007

I'm a bit surprised as I had purchased a Lexmark printer, also from PC World Hove.

After 6 months, it had developed problems (streaks of black across the page), took it back up the Old Shoreham Road and PC World exchanged it for a (slightly more expensive) Canon, with practically no questions asked.

Of course, all I had to do was to pay the price difference.

  [email protected] 12:08 14 Apr 2007

i only ever hear good things about the hove branch, they must be doing something very right!

  spuds 12:53 14 Apr 2007

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