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  tomleady 10:53 17 Aug 2006

Morning all.

My girlfriend needs a laptop for basic surfing, research and typing. Budget is around £450, so I saw this at PC World

click here

looks alright to me, mainly the RAM I am happy with as whenever I use laptops, they often seem slow.

Went to have a look in a store last night and it seems a good size and weight.

Anyway, I'll get to my question - The processor:

how fast is it? Because in PC world it says it is a 1.8GHz, but on the site it says 3000 Mhz.

I'm not exactly clued up on processors.

Any help would be great! thanks :)

  Diodorus Siculus 10:56 17 Aug 2006

The 3000Mhz semperon runs at 1.8ghz - it is the equivalent to an Intel running at 3000mhz. Just a bit of marketing on the part of AMD.

It seems a decent spec machine for the price; have you tried one in your local PCW?

  mobileman1953 10:57 17 Aug 2006

AMD Sempron 3000+ 1.8GHz/256KB Cache/800MHz FSB

this is info on the chip from a google search seems it runs at 1.8 mhz

  tomleady 11:05 17 Aug 2006

thanks for the quick response :)

1.8 eh? ok, that seems good enough for a laptop.

How is the cache for it? Will this have an effect at all on performance?

I had a quick play on it in PCW and it seems alright. I'll have to put a few spyware/virus blockers on there but hopefully this won't slow it down too much.

I can't stand slow pc's you see, so I'd be extremely annoyed (and probably in a lot of trouble with the missus if I made her buy a shoddy product!)

  Diodorus Siculus 11:36 17 Aug 2006

Slow is a very relative term as you know :-)

It will all depend on what you will use the machine for - for what you state "basic surfing, research and typing" it will be fine.

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