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  ikle_pixie 14:43 01 Mar 2003

Would they take a printer back if ive opened the ink cartriges and installed them...?

And can you just return something cus you dont want it?

I was just wondering cus i bought the HP Deskjet 5552. I was stuck for choice between that and an all-in-one. i kinda regret not getting the all in one...

oh well

  Djohn 14:50 01 Mar 2003

They may do, after deducting a small fee, if you have only had the printer for a few days and intend to change to a higher priced item.

Explain politly, that you feel you have made a mistake, and want to upgrade, (They have done this for me).

The returned printer will then be put back on sale as a used/demo. model at a lower price. good luck and let us know how you get on. J.

  ikle_pixie 15:18 01 Mar 2003

im confused..

which do you think is better?

click here

or this?

click here

  ikle_pixie 15:20 01 Mar 2003

do you think theres more things on the all-in-one to go wrong?

  Djohn 15:29 01 Mar 2003

Yes! if you have the space, then it is generally better to go for separate units.

Is there something about the 5552 that you do not like, as it is an excellent printer once set up?

  ikle_pixie 15:32 01 Mar 2003

the print cartridges just seem to be so small..how long do they last? Do you know?

Do you have one?

Do you work for HP lol(joke)
Plus im terrible and making decisions lol!

  spuds 15:44 01 Mar 2003

Did you not ask any questions before you purchased.If you had raised these questions with a salesperson, then you may have had a simple replacement procedure.Your question on print cartridges,perhaps you have the low capacity type, which are usually supplied with new printers.

  Djohn 15:54 01 Mar 2003

Yes, I have the HP 7350.

No, I don't work for them, HP or PC World. :o)

The cartridges are fine and will give you a decent amount of output, some makes of printer have cheaper ink cartridges but a fixed print head.

With the HP range every time you buy a cartridge it has a new print head integrated into it, so it's like having a new printer every time you change cartridges.

Also you will find that there are three different cartridges you can buy, 1) Black, 2) Colour, 3)Photo Colour.

The ones that come with the printer are usually both colour cartridges, and the Text output is a little on the brown side, as these two cartridges are intended for giving you a 6 colour photo quality output.

You need to remove one of the cartridges, ( the colour one with a camera symbol) and replace it with a true black one. You will now find that your text is as clear and sharp as a laser printer.

You should leave this setup, IE: 1) black and 1) Colour for all your normal printing, and only need to replace the black with the second Colour cartridge for occasions where you wish to have top quality 6 colour photo printing.

As for your decision to buy a separate printer, I think it is a good one. Hope this helps to put your mind at ease, The HP printer range is an excellent choice. Regards. J.

  ikle_pixie 16:04 01 Mar 2003

Thank you so much Djohn, you have been a great help. I do feel a lot better with my decision. Thank you again!

  Djohn 16:12 01 Mar 2003

Your very welcome, I too have the problem of making a decision on new hardware/software, and spend many hours reading and asking questions before making a final decision. It is the best way though!.... :o)

  BrianW 17:28 01 Mar 2003

I know you have closed this out, but just to reinforce what Djohn has said, I use the HP2115 which is the all in one with the same driver and cartridges as the 5552. I am still using the same cartridges that came with the printer some 3 months ago. The colour cartridge has suggested that it needs changing several times - but I have ignored it and it is still churning out excellent quality photo images. I don't know how many pages I have had so far. but its in excess of a hundred A4 pages of photos - so it ain't bad. Stick with it, you will be very happy with the reliability and image quality, Brian ;>{}

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