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  [email protected] 00:08 01 Dec 2006

Recently I decided to have a PC health check, with the view of upgrading the old desktop machine which I have had nearly 5 years.
Apart from increasing the RAM Memory, I decided to get a better graphic card, which I got advice from PC World technical support on what type I need, their engineer came out to fit the components.
After fitting the graphic card, it came up with a message stating that there was not enough power to run it so he put the extra lead into another power source, which he then thought that he had solve the problem, but after he left it would not switch on, so I phone up and after a while they said that it need a more higher watt power unit in as the one that’s in is a very low one, but I need to take it to PC World store to arrange to get one and fit it, but no stores could get hold of that size with a higher power as the one that’s in is not a standard size, so this means that I had to get someone to take out the card and go back to the on-board display card, when this was done the computer would still not come on, so I explained to PC World technical support about things and that I have gone back to the on-board card, but the computer still would not come on. .
So they arrange for another engineer to come out and they replace the motherboard as the other one had blown, to me it looks as it is a re-condition one as it has the same specification as before with the same intel number and processor speed, which you done get that speed with any motherboard. It was caused by draining the power from another source, when he left I notice that the keyboard would not work, when tested it also blown, so now they have to replace that.
To say you pay extra warranty on products bought from them they seem to be a bit slap happy in there work even technical support does not check things out properly, I been into there stores and ask questions and they cannot give me a proper answer, now when I go into the store, I always ask them if they are technical minded and if not get me someone who is..

  sean-278262 01:19 01 Dec 2006

PC world are renound for employing just about anyone. I have been in the past chased around the store being ask if I can be helped. I hate shopping in places that are on commission.

I would take the unit to their store and ask for written confirmation that the motherboard will last 6 months (preferably 12) from the install as they cocked it up. Also regarding the keyboard if it is due to their sloppy work I would demand they replace that too.

Off topic I just voted in the Poll and Im only the second voter. Who's the saddo (joke) who picked the second option? Every time I have ever voted before I have been about 400th in the list.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:34 01 Dec 2006

'I hate shopping in places that are on commission'..PCW are not on commission.

'I have been in the past chased around the store being ask if I can be helped'..it is a shop not a doss house and the job of sales assistants is to ask you if you can be helped. A polite 'no thanks'is not too tedious is it?

The original post seems a bit mixed uop to me and I have the feeling that there is a little more to this.


  [email protected] 10:45 01 Dec 2006

It has now been establish that the keyboard does work but the PS2 socket which runs from the motherboard does not work, So they have to come out once again to replace the motherboard, which they did not check if all external components work from each port,i told them that it is identicsl with the same specification as the other one, which i thought that you could not get hold of a motherboard these days with a 4MB graphic Display and a 1.3GHz processor speed etc, i said it must be a re-condition one especially when one port does not work, they tried to riddle out of that, they must thing i dont know much about things, to say that like myself take out a extra coverplan, that if anything goes wrong you expect to have any components replaced by new and not the old. you pay enough out.

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