PC won't turn on intermittently

  staples printer cartridge 13:03 28 Mar 2005

I built this sytem in September and have had no problems. Then last week I tried to turn it on and nothing happened...at all. I fiddled with the fuse in the plug and it worked. Today the same thing happened. Only differnece was that fiddling with the fuse didn't help either. So I was resigned to letting someone have a look at it but went out and when I returned, it is now working. Any ideas what this could be?

  joethebow 13:19 28 Mar 2005

Could be a sticky power switch.

However, every 6 months or so my PC will not start. I have tried everything but the only way I can get it to start is to unscrew the PSU and move it about an inch. Switch back on and all is fine for another 6 months. No, moving the cables only or opening the PSU and fidling with the innards doesn't make it work, only unscrewing it does the trick, screwy.

  Pine Man 16:21 28 Mar 2005

Occasionally my computer will not switch on and it appears to be if I have pressed the button very soon after turning the power on. If I switch off and leave it for about five minutes, turn on the power then press the button after about 30 seconds it works.

Nobody has come up with a solution so far!

  s mull 17:06 28 Mar 2005

All might need new PSU

  staples printer cartridge 17:21 28 Mar 2005

Thia was a thought of mine. How can I check? The PSU is new (Sept) but is relativeky cheap (£25); how do you know that a more expensive model is worth the amount? What are the good , reliable models?

  Diemmess 17:48 28 Mar 2005

Substitution is easier for a repair shop than the average person who may not have the spares to try.

Don't be too hard on your existing PSU, £25 is not exactly the bottom of the market and it might not be that anyway!

Just chucking ideas about, have you tried (with the cover off) making sure the case-mobo-PSU connecters are all soundly pushed home, having a gentle push pull at the leads from the PSU to the mobo.

Depending on what you can see, it may be possible to lash up a pair of leads from the power switch to the point where you can try touching them together.

This switch is NOT handling a high voltage so you are physically safe, but do keep live ends away from anything else and touch them together at your own risk. The best you can hope for is that this will work (showing that the power switch is dodgy)- the worst that can happen is that my theory is all wrong and you might blow some important thingy!

My point is that the power switch merely toggles a small voltage triggering the power to the PSU which then locks on.

  QuizMan 17:56 28 Mar 2005

Yes, it could be power supply problems. If the PSU is only 300 watts, this may not be enough for power hungry systems. There seem to be fans attached to everything these days, plus a couple of optical drives and maybe two hard drives. In my experience PSU's should be at least 350w.

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