PC wont turn on HELPPPPP???df

  rob162 20:27 02 Mar 2010

my pc wont turn on but the motherboard light is lit up, i have changed the psu over to the original one but still no luck psu light is on too ( I did have an antec one in there), it is a dell xps 435mt with 17 950 6gb ram, i have mo idea why it is doing this as it was working fine before.

  citadel 20:59 02 Mar 2010

I would double check that all the cables and wires are fully connected, case to motherboard more so as power button wire etc can come out slightly as you move cables around.

  MAJ 20:59 02 Mar 2010

Are the fans spinning up?

  rob162 21:03 02 Mar 2010

ill have a qquick check o0f the wires and no there are no fans or anything, i press the power button and literally nothing happens

  woodchip 21:12 02 Mar 2010

remove connections from hard drive see if you get anything

  rob162 21:14 02 Mar 2010

tried removing hdd conections and ive checked al other connexctions still nothing? do you think the mother board is broken?

  woodchip 21:18 02 Mar 2010

looking like it

  woodchip 21:19 02 Mar 2010

ps have made sure you connected all the psu plugs

  rob162 21:22 02 Mar 2010

yep everything is connected up i just dont know what else to do :( and i rele dont want to have to send it back to dell cos it wil take ages

  MAJ 21:26 02 Mar 2010

Take out the sticks of RAM and try them one at a time in a variety of slots, trying to find out if you have a faulty RAM module or a faulty RAM slot.

  rob162 21:30 02 Mar 2010

do u think i could of broke the mobo from static? ill try the ram thung now

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