PC wont start unless I remove and replce Ram Why ?

  pavel 17:56 22 Mar 2004

I have two PC,s that have the same problem ,both run ME but are different machines , one is P111 866mhz 128 meg RIMM type RAM and the other Duron 900 mhz 256 sdram . The problem is IF I turn them off They will not restart unless I remove then refit their RAM card. They are totally seperate machines bought 4 years apart. One pc doing it I could just about put up with But two....heh.
Any ideas as to why and how can I correct it on both pc,s.
Thank you

  Totally-braindead 18:01 22 Mar 2004

The only thing I can think of is that the RAM is not being recognised, therefore the PC won't start. I think that the RAM is probably loose. Perhaps both PCs have loose memory connections on the mainboard.

  Djohn 19:14 22 Mar 2004

When you first boot the PC [The time it doesn't start] have a look at the first screen and see if the memory is being checked. Should be 3 or 4 lines down, black screen with white text.

This is the POST check, it should say type and how much memory. j

  mosfet 20:22 22 Mar 2004

I had similar,thought it must be ram,after re-seating started ok!....It was PCillian.One heck of a coincidence.

  pavel 22:51 22 Mar 2004

Very interesting I have PC Cillin on one PC but Norton on the other , the post check does not even start as the bios just beeps at me and the monitor does not register any signal ie, the power lght remains yellow not green.
Keep going folks I welcome any more ideas
thank you

  Djohn 23:05 22 Mar 2004

Is this something that has started to happen recently pavel, or is it a longstanding problem?

  gudgulf 23:10 22 Mar 2004

When your pc's are up and running--what happens if you restart them?. Do you get the same problem or do they reboot ok?

  pavel 23:24 22 Mar 2004

It has happened all the time on both machines right from day one, when I use restart on the shut down drop down menu it will restart ok(the duron pc) But if I shut down and leave it for say 5 mins it wont start. The P111 pc will not start i second after shut down . I have no idea why ?

  gudgulf 23:37 22 Mar 2004

Were the machines bought new?---if not are you getting any problems with the date/time displays?.It is odd that two very different computers are afflicted with the same unusual problem.

Looking at the spec both are getting on a bit and whilst this seems unlikely I'm wondering if the motherboard batteries are dead?

  Djohn 23:51 22 Mar 2004

So pavel, the only obvious connection between these two PC's is the fact that they both need the memory stick removed and replaced before they will boot up from cold.

What will cause this? what is it that moving the memory stick out then back enables them to boot?

Just thinking things through to see if anything comes to mind. Anyone else have an idea what is causing this?

  gudgulf 00:19 23 Mar 2004

Have you dowloaded memtest from click here

just in case the memory sticks are faulty?

or have you tried your memory in someone elses pc/different memory in yours?

As Djohn says there must be a connection ,but thinking things through is not straightforward-----please give us as much info as you can.There must be a common link between the two pc's.If the memory was merely not seated then the process you use should sort it-but if once reseated the problem is still there,on two different pc's,every time- then there must be something else going on.

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