Pc won't start and is in a restart loop.

  Jappy 22:07 01 Aug 2017

4-5days ago this problem started. when I pressed the power button, instead of starting normally it started to restarting every 4/5sec. Then I pressed the restart button and everything went fine. 3days ago, pressing restarting button didn't worked, so I placed the ram in a different slot and it worked. (also I unplugged the cpu fan, but didn't applied thermal paste as the paste sitting there before looked fine). But today, I played dota 2 then shut it down, took a nap and after waking up the pc is again in that restart loop :( I tried the above mentioned stuffs again but nothing worked. pc keeps restarting after n' after, please help :(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:30 01 Aug 2017

if you removed the cpu from the heatsink (not fan from heatsink no paste there) then the thermal paste needs cleaning off and reapplying.

If you don't think its a heat or RAM issue then most likely PSU is dying.

Are all fans running including graphics card fan? has the heatsink been dusted out? no fluff betwen heatsink and fan?

all connections on motherboard are tight

all cards tight in slots?

nothing trapped between motherboard and case causing a short?

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