PC wont start, please Help!

  cuervo0127 05:18 03 Nov 2006

My PC was unplugged for months and today i tried to start it up again and it wont run, i know that there is power running to it because there is a small green light inside that lights up when i plug it in but i just wont start!....Any advice on what the problem could be?

  wee eddie 07:43 03 Nov 2006

There is a possibility that something has come loose inside. So a check on all your connections would be the first call.

  johndrew 12:39 03 Nov 2006

Can you hear any fans or drives running?

What information do you get on your monitor?

If you have had the side casing off you will be able to see most if not all the fans and check they are rotating. You should be able to check HDDs by listening.

  cuervo0127 13:39 03 Nov 2006

there are no fans or harddrives that are running, and yes the pc was being moved but it seems to all be in place. There is no information being displayed on the moniter...

  johndrew 14:13 03 Nov 2006

Sounds as if there is a PSU problem of some sort. Your PSU (the big square box where you plug the mains lead in) has a lot of connectors coming out at the back.

Make certain you have unplugged the PC at the wall socket.

Follow each lead and make certain the connectors are all fully home in their receptacles. When you have done this make certain there is nothing left in the PC and try again.

If this fails you may need a new PSU.

  ed-0 15:16 03 Nov 2006

At the back of the machine, where the mains lead is plugged in. Check to see if it has a switch [ 0-1 ]. If it has move it to the other position. It may have been knocked when moved.

  johndrew 17:08 03 Nov 2006

`...there is a small green light inside that lights up when i plug it in..`

I don`t think it`s the on/of switch or fuse. I think either the PSU has got `broken` in the move or has failed somehow.

  johndrew 17:09 03 Nov 2006

Is the PSU fan running, if it has one?

  ed-0 17:37 03 Nov 2006

Thanks. Missed that.

  cuervo0127 18:28 03 Nov 2006

so i did check that all of the wires running out of the PSU were snug but i did notice that there a two connectors from the PSU that were not plugged into anything, one is a staight 6 with 3 blacks, 2 orange, and one red...and the other one has four wires in a 2x2 with 2 blacks and two yellows...im not sure if that helps...and where would i check for the fuse?....and no, no fans are running, only thing powered is the little green light towards to bottom part of the motherboard by the last PCI slot...

  ed-0 18:44 03 Nov 2006

" and the other one has four wires in a 2x2 with 2 blacks and two yellows..."

This plug just fits on some motherboards, not all.

Has your motherboard a square plastic connector like this click here. If it has, the 4 pin 12v connector fits onto the motherboard. The catch must align with the clip.

Or do you know the make and model of the motherboard, to see if it has a 4 pin socket.

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