pc wont start up (no signal) PART - 2.

  [DELETED] 19:23 21 Sep 2003

first , thank you to all that replyd to my firts
problem, ok,
1st iv notist that the cable that runs from my moniter to the pc has a pin missing from it,so i
supose thats the problem, but , i tryd my dads
moniter and i didnt get any pictur at all ?.
he as a hp pavilion mx70 minitor and pc, and i have a much older model running on 98, is it
possible that his monitor only works with his pc.
please let me no if you have any more iders,
i dont wont to buy a new monitor only to find its
not the problem
thanks again

  [DELETED] 20:35 21 Sep 2003

The missing pin is probably not the problem. Unless you can see a broken stub in the housing the pin was probably deliberately omitted. For typical VGA connector pin allocation see this site click here. I think your original posting referred to a "No signal" message. Some monitors display this message when they don't receive a signal, others will just have a blank screen. No signal can be caused by a faulty cable, but usually a faulty cable will just be lacking a single colour. No signal can also be caused by a faulty graphics card, or the graphics card not being seated properly in it's motherboard socket. It can of course be caused by the motherboard or some other part of the computer being faulty, but if the computer boots normally and gives the usual Windows boot sound, then I think the graphics card is the most likely problem.

  [DELETED] 21:53 21 Sep 2003

after reading your post, i had a look at the graphics card it seems to be in tight ,and sadly the thing is still comeing up with no signal,
one thing i notisd on your post was about the
windows boost sound ,( there isnt one ) it fires
up but i dont here that old beep, dose this mean
anything ?
also if it is the graphics card, how can i tell,
thanks again.

  [DELETED] 09:12 22 Sep 2003

No beep POST beep at start up is much more serious. This means that your computer is not working at all. It could be a failed power supply, mother board, processor or just a blown fuse. You have ticked this thread as resolved. Does that mean that you have found the cause of the problem? If you haven't then come back with more details and I'll try to help you determine which component has failed.

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