Pc won't start after update

  wescliff 14:01 01 Aug 2018

Lenovo all in one, just wiped it back to "factory settings" - Windows 8.1. Have updated to Windows 10 without any problems. Checked for updates and installed the four that were there. Again no problems. Restarted, it applied the first 30% and continued the restart, but it won't go beyond the very first screen which just says Lenovo. Have switched off and on again many times, F8 doesn't work Gratefull for any advice.

  alanrwood 14:09 01 Aug 2018

How long did you leave it before switching off.

  wescliff 14:14 01 Aug 2018

About twenty mins. I wondered if it was just the picture that was stuck and it was still uploading. But nothing, it been on now for half an hour and no change.

  Salamander7 16:18 01 Aug 2018

I had similiar problem with my Toshiba laptop. Turned out to be the hard drive. Started by sometimes not booting up and reached a point when it mostly didnt boot up. I reinstalled Windows also tried formatting Hard drive and going back to factory settings but always ended up with circle of dots that suddenly stopped just after the Toshiba flash screen. If you have had your machine three or more years I would be suspecting the Hard drive is on its way out.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:14 01 Aug 2018

Switch off

disconnect mains

press and hold power button for 20 seconds

reconnect mains

power on and see if it will get past the lenovo screen.

  wescliff 17:12 02 Aug 2018

Sorry for not getting back sooner. All sorted now. Eventually managed to get into the bios and discovered the Acronis partition was still there. Hadn't thought about uninstalling the infernal program and removing its partition before wiping the C drive. Got rid of it downloaded windows 10 to a pen drive, clean install and all seems OK.

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