PC Won't Start

  JacobWelch 16:38 22 Oct 2014

Hi guys

Basically about 2 weeks ago my computer would not turn on until waiting about 10 minutes, by this I mean pushing the power button did not work, no sign of power in the computer what so ever, then after 10 minutes the motherboard light would come on and power button works. For roughly a week after the 10 minute delay gradually gets longer to about an hour, I searched online and someone said resetting/updating the BIOS may help, so i did both and still was taking about an hour +, another week goes past and I'm now reaching 10 hour+ waits until i can power it up and now it wont start whatsoever, tried new wall socket and our other pc's power cable but no sign of life.

Any help would be great, will be taking it to a PC repair shop but wanted to see if anyone has come across this problem at all and can offer any advice/guidance.


  JacobWelch 16:47 22 Oct 2014

Hi Jock1e, thanks for reply, its about 2 years old, cant turn it on anymore so would not be able to check unfortunately, I have quite a bit of disk space left though, will try cleaning it though!

  bumpkin 17:01 22 Oct 2014

Sounds like PSU failing, I am assuming it is a desktop. A bit more information would help.

  JacobWelch 17:05 22 Oct 2014

Yep its a desktop, sorry about the lack of info but I'm not very knowledgeable around this area haha :p, not sure what info your after but happy to provide anything! :), yea could definitely be the PSU I guess.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:21 22 Oct 2014

I would say PSU is most likely cause of those symptoms.

  JacobWelch 18:46 22 Oct 2014

Thanks guys, I'm going to give it a clean, try out a new PSU and see what happens.

  JacobWelch 12:13 23 Oct 2014

Corsair 850AX PSU was faulty, tried out paperclip test which it failed. and switched to my other computers PSU and it worked, luckily it comes under 7 year warranty so should be able to get it replaced, thanks for the help guys.

  bumpkin 16:08 23 Oct 2014

Pleased it was sorted quickly, Can you green tick it now as resolved so we don't keep looking back in.

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