pc wont start

  MorningBard 12:28 16 Sep 2008

my pc wont start. it started with just shutting down and restarting so assumed it was psu on way out then one day it started and just stopped. i've tried psu on another computer and it works fine,also tried different psu on pc and nothing works. No psu fan no hard drive noise and no cpu fan start up. have checked hard drive on another pc and that works. Dont know how to check motherboard or cpu is fried. Help please.

  kalignorgna 12:43 16 Sep 2008

the best way to check your CPU is to first take out the cpu and check the pins, on the old cpus the pins are on the cpu new 775 cpu pins are on the motherboard then check thermal paste make sure there is not to much and not to little should be enough for a thin layer across the cpu then reset the cpu fix the heatsink old heatsink leaver new heatsink clips. once finished sart computer. 2nd try another CPU on the motherboard. as for the mobo use a small torch and check for battrys that are bulging and any dry yellow paint like substance on the battrys as this indecates that the board is at its end also check the wellding and discolored markings on the bottom of the board if in dout test spare board with hardware in the faulty pc untill you have found the faulty hardware

  recap 12:51 16 Sep 2008

If your PC can stay on long enough click here and download and run this free piece of software to help you pin point the problem

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