Pc won't start up

  Flabbyfran 19:33 14 Dec 2007

Hi all,
I have a medion desk top running xp home edition.
When i try to start up it goes to the screen telling me windows did not shut down properly and gives me start up options, safe mode, last good configuration. normal start up etc, but no matter which i chose it begins to start up then loops back to the options page? I have tried hitting F8 during the start up but the options also loop back to the same page.
Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance.

  kindly 20:11 14 Dec 2007

you might start by trying to boot up using your XP disc. Put it in the drive and start it up. You will have to switch it on first then put disc in and switch off. Then start it up again. you should get the option of repairing windows or resetting it to factory settings. This will however loose all your data so hopefully you are backed up. Also be sure you have all your discs to put your programs back in.
Thats all I can thjink of but hope it helps.

  Flabbyfran 08:22 15 Dec 2007

Wow that sounds serious. The last thing i did was download critical updates, i left the computer while it was doing this and went to pick my wife up from work, when i came back it was in this loop of not starting up and returning to the options screen as described. I will have to go in search of my discs.
Thanks Kindly.

  skidzy 09:02 15 Dec 2007

Medion pc's should have a hidden partition that has a recovery/restore option giving you three options.

One of the options should be Repair without data loss.

From Memory it should look something like;

retten.exe, retten.000 and retten.001.

Im unsure what one is the repair without data loss.

You will need to tap F11 or F10 on startup to access the recovery partition. (i maybe wrong on the key though)...its been a long time since i had my hands on a Medion.

  Flabbyfran 09:30 15 Dec 2007

Hi Skidzy,
If i hit f10/f11 i get prompted to enter a password? if i hit enter without entering any password i go to the cmos set up screen?
I am a computer amateur so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  skidzy 19:31 15 Dec 2007

Hi Fran

sorry a bit belated,sorry ive forgotten the recovery partition's key.

Now if Woodchip is about,i do believe he has a Medion and can clarify the access key.

While your waiting,try various F keys,also the delete key.

I have this feeling your MBR = master boot record is corrupt and will possible take a xp windows disc to repair this.

A few links that will help;
click here
click here
click here
click here

But you are best waiting for someone to confirm if the recovery/restore partition does actually exist and what key it is to access this.

Just to clarify,
When you turn the pc on,tap continuosly the F10 or F11 key...see what happens.
If one does not work,restart the pc and try again a different key.
It maybe a matter of elimination.

If none of this helps you,it will at least bump you to the top of the helproom.

  woodchip 21:47 15 Dec 2007

Did you get any CD's with the Computer. I got My Medion Desktop From Makro Warehouse, it came with a OS CD and a System Restore CD plus others. If you have a Restore CD when Starting with it, as above it gives three options, Fix Boot Files, Restore Drivers and Fix Boot files, Or a full Factory Full Restore, But the last one wipes your personal disc and Files

  skidzy 21:51 15 Dec 2007

Cheers Woody
Though i thought they had a recovery partition,its been a long time since i had my hands on a Medion..hence my post at Sat, 15/12/[email protected]:02

Think we will have to wait till Fran comes back to us.

  woodchip 21:59 15 Dec 2007

They do have a Recovery Partition but it's not hidden

  Flabbyfran 10:34 16 Dec 2007

Hi guys,
sorry it not easy to get on line if your computer is knackered. Tried everything to no avail eventualy reloaded windows fro the recovery cd. All went well got online downloaded avast and ran it. Then went and downloaded updates from microsoft then started down loading sp2 fro micrisoft left the computer to get on with it last time i looked it was at the intallation phase came back and it was in the original loop fault i had to begin with????? very frustrating.
Thanks for all your help.

  woodchip 14:54 16 Dec 2007

As the Recovery CD worked OK it looks like one of the MS updates, You need to find which one. Run the Recovery CD again then you will need to first load SP2 from MS other updates you need to do in either batches and write them down before you download or just do one at a time. I had trouble with one, it was the Malware Removal tool so I never download that now.

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