PC won't start

  [email protected] 15:00 20 Oct 2007

It's been working perfectly up until now. On pushing in the start button, it just cuts out immediately, within a fraction of a second.

I've taken it to our local PC shop for inspection, and they tell me the software is corrupted badly. I cannot understand this as I've not d/l any thing for months.

They say it will cost £75 to back up and reinstall windows XP again.

This seems rather expensive to me. Is there any thing I could do to make it work again, or would it be better for them to do it.

  Quiller. 15:20 20 Oct 2007

On pushing in the start button, it just cuts out immediately, within a fraction of a second.

" they tell me the software is corrupted badly. "

that does not sound right to me. If it were corrupted software it should at least attempt to POST [ thats were the writing flashes on the screen proir to loading windows]

If the computer shows no writing on the screen and it shuts down almost immediately, it sounds as if you have either something loose or that something has gone. In these situations it's usually the psu [ power supply unit] that fails.

Try telling us something about the computer. was it shop bought or home made. has it got a makers name and model number. Do you know what operating system it is using [e.g. xp or vista ].Any thing that may help us to help you.

  jack 16:00 20 Oct 2007

The £75 mention is is simply the penalty for going there instead of of coming to us first.
It is their time they will spend inspecting the machine.
If you have got it back unsorted leave it unplugged take the cover off and care fully put a hand [the one you don't use] onto the frame with the other hand[the one you do use] firmly push every plug you can see - pay particular attention to the large white plug that comes from the Power supply[large box at top on the rear panel] to the main board
In the front of the main board there is a cluster of tiny plugs on fine wires of many colour going to the front panel
make sure they are all firmly home.

Now plug up switch on - see what happens
Then come back

  woodchip 19:20 21 Oct 2007

My bet is the PSU as died. It’s the first thing and easiest to check. I would not let anybody mess with the Hard Drive Contents

  [email protected] 20:40 21 Oct 2007

Thanks for your replies guys.

I had a call from the shop late Saturday afternoon and was surprised to learn that he had fix the problem (software corrupted )as I hadn't really given him the ok to go ahead and fix it. (He was waiting on me to bring in the disc's etc)
So I'm stuck with it now. Any way thanks again, I'll check in here first next time!!!

  mickbrown 22:23 21 Oct 2007

I am having the same problem with a thinkpad, and I suspect it is the PSU. Is there a way to check it.

  jack 12:07 22 Oct 2007

Think Pad?
LapTop is it?
Not PSU in the sense of the above discussion.
Suggest you go think about your problem and cogently repost as a new query-
Hi jacking an existing thread is the best way -not to get a solution to a particular problem

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