PC won't start

  Nightmanager 09:17 16 Jan 2006

I have a PC that makes 1 long beep when I try to boot it. The beep will stop and start every few seconds. What does 1 beep denote please.
I have checked various components by replacing them, but nothing has worked so far. There is no picture on the screen and sounds like little, or no activity from the Hard Drive, have tried another hard drive to no effect. Thanks for any help

  Diemmess 09:22 16 Jan 2006

The error code you hear depends on the type of BIOS your computer has.

Have a good look at this site
click here
As you scroll down you will realise that you need to know what basic hardware you have.

  Methedrine 09:27 16 Jan 2006

click here for some more.

  Nightmanager 11:43 17 Jan 2006

No luck so far. There is a long beep for 7 seconds, then 7 seconds silence, then another long 7 second beep and this continies with 7 second silences betweem the 7 second single bleeps. I have changed out everything apart from the CPU and motherboard. If I unplug the 4-pin 12v ATX power connector from the motherboard the beeps stop, but the PC still wont boot up

  Diemmess 12:37 17 Jan 2006

My guess of possibilities -

Motherboard/CPU failure with the mobo being the most likely.
Integral video is dud. This could be checked by using a simple PCI-video card just to test.

Either of these serious faults would lead to nothing showing on your monitor.

  Nightmanager 15:23 17 Jan 2006

Thanks, I had already tried a PCI graphics card but this had no effect, so from what you say Diemmess, it looks like a failure of mobo, or cpu. thanks for all your help

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