pc wont start

  derek-220674 10:37 26 Sep 2004

I get message unable to find operating system I use a start up disc and select option 1 but cd rom does not run I checked in the bios and it is not showing a cd rom I have tried to fdisk, this wont work I have tried to format, this does not work. any ideas where to go next

  Jeffers22 13:12 26 Sep 2004

You are a bit short on info.
1. What OS? 2. Is start up disk a floppy or a CD? 3. Please elaborate on what you tried to do with fdisk and format and what actually happened. Hopefully nothing as these are dangerous unless you want to start aover and do a total reinstall of windows from scratch.

If your OS is Win98, try this. Boot from floppy and from the A: prompt type "sys C:" (without the quotes) and hit return. Then try to reboot as normal without the floppy in the drive. If that fails post the answers to the above questions.

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