PC wont start

  Tulips 18:54 11 Jul 2004

A few days ago my PC froze and I had to press the reset button. Now it refuses to start at all.It gets to the DOS page and will not get passed the line which states checking NV RAM. The screen freezes and wont allow me to startup in safe mode.I thought it may have been the mother board battery but this is not the case. Motherboard = SLKT400
Process = ALFON 2000XP
O/System = XP 200 Process
= 512 mega RAM.
This is driving me nuts, so any feed back is a sanity saver.

  stalion 18:57 11 Jul 2004

sounds like a memory problem do you have two sticks installed if so try one at a time

  Tulips 19:02 11 Jul 2004

only one stick, would a new stick help ?

  stalion 19:12 11 Jul 2004

I don't want you to waste your money,you need to be sure it is the memory stick that is the problem.

  Sparky3327 19:18 11 Jul 2004

I appreciate that, is there anything or anyway of doing a test so I can eliminate that as the problem?

  stalion 19:23 11 Jul 2004

you obviously need to try another memory stick or PC world could run a test for you.512 memory will set you back about £75

  chugby 20:17 11 Jul 2004

memtest86 diagnostic tool may help, see thread
click here

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