PC wont shut down?

  Fiery251 20:51 27 May 2003

Not the usual problem of it hanging at the 98SE screen saying "Windows is shutting down".

Its a bit different from that.

I select "Shut down" and it goes through the motions, the lights on my keyboard flash once as normal, and the monitor turns off, but the PC is still on. I can hear the fans still spinning away, even though the screen is switched off.

I've recently swapped cases, and transfered all my stuff into this new case, but everything went fine and It boots up and runs as normal. Its just the shutdown problem I have.

My system specs:-

AMD Athlon 1700 XP
GeForce 3 Ti500
MSI K7T Turbo 2 mobo.
512Mb PC133 SDRAM
2x 40 Gb Maxtor 7200rpm Hard drives.
Windows 98SE on one HD, XP Pro on the other one.
SB Live! CT4670

The only thing that did change, after the transfer to the new case, was that upon initial boot-up, it said the CMOS had reverted to default settings. I had to go into the BIOS and adjust my boot sequence, as it wasnt seeing the drives properly.
But even at that, If there was anything seriously amiss, it wouldnt boot or even get past the POST, but thats not the case,so I dont know what to check for now?.

  Altair 21:18 27 May 2003

Try going into safe mode, (press f8 at P.O.S.T.) and see if it shows any probs in device manager, if not see if it shuts down in safe mode and if it does try using it as normal and shut down.

  VoG™ 22:15 27 May 2003

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  woodchip 22:20 27 May 2003

I suspect that your power connections are different, and need looking at, From case to mobo.

  powerless 22:21 27 May 2003
  [email protected] 01:40 28 May 2003

I had the same problem when I got a new motherboard and case and it was sorted by changing a bios setting. I`m at work at the mo` and cant remember what needs changed but I managed to find it myself so it must have been reasonably obvious :) ..... I will check when I get home.

I seem to remember that after shutting down windows if you hold the power button down for about 10 seconds the power switches off to the system - not ideal but saves having to unplug.

Best of luck.

  keith-236785 04:11 28 May 2003

your pc is going into hibernation instead of shutting down fully, in your control panel choose power options, on the window that opens if you look at the advanced tab you will see a setting at the bottom that says "when i press the power button on my computer" and you can choose the action you want, i suspect yours is set to Hibernate, if so change it to "shut down"
click on apply and close the window, then try to shut down your pc. hopefully it will.

if it doesnt work then you will have to go to the power management page in your bios, hopefully there is a setting there that does the same as i have detailed above.

good luck, let us know the outcome

  [email protected] 05:16 28 May 2003

(I think)

  Fiery251 21:33 29 May 2003

That most certainly WAS the "one"!!!!

Thanx paperman27. That did the trick. Everything shuts down as it used to now.

Many thanx for all the advice and suggestions!!!


Fiery251. :)

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