pc wont shut down

  redsusan 09:30 19 Oct 2005

Since i bought this pc from a local shop (they make them up for you) it wont shut down ,it gets as far as "windows is shutting down" and that's it.I spoke to the shop and they said just shut it down from the mains with no explanation as to why it wont turn of properly or leave it turned on and just switch of the monitor!! i'm not to happy with doing this ,any ideas? i have windows pro and broadband.

  BurrWalnut 09:40 19 Oct 2005

If everything is behaving properly and this is the only problem, it's possibly one of the components, e.g. DVD writers can cause this.

Firstly, have a look in Event Viewer to check if there are any indications as to the problem. Also try waiting for, say, 20 seconds after finishing working on the PC before trying to turn it off. Look for any HDD activity after closing all programs.

If it is hardware (probably firmware) you will have to temporarily remove the hardware and go through a process of elimination.

  wee eddie 11:04 19 Oct 2005

How long have you had it?

What extra Software have you added?

What extra equipment have you added?

  redsusan 14:39 19 Oct 2005

I've had this one about 5 months, but iit's been doing it since i first bought it.
Burwalnut. How do i check the Event Viewer, i really am a newbie,

  wee eddie 14:53 19 Oct 2005

See if you can find anything written that confirms your previous query with the shop. If you haven't, a quiet, low key, visit should get some results.

Problems that occur within the first 6 months of a products life are assumed to have been there at purchase, unless created by the customer's subsequent actions. e.g. installing unsuitable software.

This should not be happening and they are obliged to sort it. However it may be due to software that you have installed so a few questions need addressing first.

If they refuse to act, then your local Trading Standards may be able to persuade them.

It makes little sense to go in there shouting about problems when a quiet but firm word may do the trick.

  paul654 01:02 22 Oct 2005

If its any help...I sometimes have the same problem. Probably once in every ten shut-downs my machine too locks up at the 'windows is shutting down' message. I tracked it down to my Broadband Modem (Alcatel Speedtouch 330).When the PC freezes I disconnect my modem from the USB port and the PC shuts down OK...I then just plug it back in. I dont mind doing this...unless some kind soul can come up with a solution.

  redsusan 02:24 22 Oct 2005

Thanks Paul654, glad to know it's not just me, I find it doesn't happen if i shut down say after only half hour or so, will try your suggestion.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:20 22 Oct 2005

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